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Day off - what an odd concept - Carers UK Forum

Day off - what an odd concept

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Yes - tomorrow I have realisedt hat I have a day off.
Dad has passed so no care needed at home.
Probate has been sorted.
Project house is near completion and decorator not in tomorrow.
I have found a lodger so no need to run around in circles advertising and chasing leads.
Dogs are pretty well adjusted to domesticity so no need for bahavioural work
No paid care work tomorrow.

Infact I have a day off. So surprised by this concept I felt the need to share it. Apologies to those of you who don't have a day off
(nearly all of you I suspect) but I am still trying to get my head around not having anything mega urgent to sort out tomorrow.
I think I have been occupied by urgent jobs from dawn to dusk for several years now and tomorrow............strange. :D :D
I too get these. The first felt very odd indeed but now I love them
Mum is in Home near big bro 100+ miles away, adult son doing well with his anxiety, there are reasons to be cheerfull.
Other eldercare's hip now mended and back to independence

I hope you treat yourself to something nice, even a bought, uninterrupted coffee can take on new heights of pleasure. Oh, and you could read a bit of a book. Sometimes I just sits :D
Henrietta, today is the first day of your New Life. Enjoy.
It takes a while to learn the art of being "busy doing nothing" !!
Soon, you'll be wondering how you ever had time to work .... or provide care! (I always say that to chums who reach retirement age - that they'll wonder how they ever had time to do a job at all, they are now soooooo busy busy busy.....with NICE things!)

How about a lovely blowy autumnal walk with the dog in some woods, and a nice cream tea afterwards? :)
I'd suggest a trip to a National Trust property, Brownsea Island is so beautiful, but I suspect that it's not the perfect day today?!
Well it ended up a bit of a mixed bag- I ventured forth in the garden for 40 minutes just pottering with bits and pieces, put tortoise away fo rth ewinterna nd had lunch with a couple of friends. Dare I say it?- I picked a job up at tea time for work and then walked one dog only in the evening. Day vanished and I did nothing.
Rubbish Henrietta :)
You had a lovely varied and balanced day. Some me time, friends time, pottering time and some work, of your choosing! Don't underestimate the freedom of choice, that is a great luxury. It may not be apparent but you had a nice day. Which wouldn't have been possible without stress and angst if you were still caring for Dad

Maybe you are hankering after a Grand Day out? What do you fancy, a day at the races, a Christmas fair, a spa day?
I've managed and enjoyed a couple of coach daytrips with a friend. No guilt on the last one. This year, in December, we've booked to go to Blist Hill, a Victorian Christmas ( Ironbridge). Would you consider coach trips with a friend? It's a focus, for me. My day is mapped out without me dithering.
I agree with Mrs A, and Pet. The 'bliss' of 'just pottering about'.....not HAVING to do anything at all if you don't feel like it. 'The day is your own....' lovely.

I think an organised coach trip is excellent - the opposite of the 'pottering' day, but in a good way. You can feel like a kiddie again (even being told when to board the coach again, etc etc .....like a school trip!)
Thanks for the idea, I do like the sound of a coach trip. The only ones I have ever done were organised by local carers group and decades ago a trip to London. Perhaps I will look into it for my "summer holiday" coming up in November. i need to factor in and pre book the dog walker though.
My friends are either working or none coach trip people who wouldn't be seen dead in a coach . I think the "day out" idea makes me feel very familyless now even though I don't mind my own company, I still feel a bit stranded especially without the dogs. I think I'm ticking lots of the boxes, being busy, work,sorting house, money, friends etc but still -looking for life!