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Picking brains on employment choices nearly 12 months on - Carers UK Forum

Picking brains on employment choices nearly 12 months on

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
For those of you who don't me , I'm a former carer who has been doing paid care work since loosing my father which I may continue with. I enjoy lots of aspects of it - the people I work with, staff and clients, helping people, not being int the same place for long, flexible and varied hours , travelling about , seeing different houses, not being in an office. The down sides obviously fairly low paid and lots of travel time unpaid.

I'm 50 so still nearly 20 years before any pension on the horizon.

Background 30 years debt recovery type office stuff for professional organisations- hated every minute of it.

Fishing for ideas- I'm not too old to train for something else- the brain still works, can't afford a really expensive degree type course and either need something that will take me on and train me (at 50?) or that I can find motivation to self study and do something in the self employed type work.

I'm not sure how I would get on giving references as manager at last office hated me - it was mutual and already not got a job because she ignored the reference requests which makes a whole string of things tricky to go for unless I bluff a bit and say I was caring for family over that period. Prior to that I did contract work for ten years- in and out as the outsider in places doing a string of very short contracts that were working in chaotic offices through multiple agencies for over a decade.

So, sorry hate sentences starting with so-----new start but ideas please!!!!!!!!!!!

One more complication - need to be back home on and off for dog.
Hi H ... a conundrum for far too many former carers ?

Goalposts have changed , even the sport played on the same pitch ?

Social care sector ?

Short of continuing what you currently do , qualifications would be needed for any " Upstairs " type position.

Lower down the ladder ones are still available free within many educational establishments but ... post code lottery again at it's finest.

In addition , although should NOT enter into the mix but does ... age ?

Joining a team where you are a generation removed from everyone else ... including the guv'nor ?

Self employment ?

Fraught with disadvantages ... whatever capital , be prepared to lose it ... but , a possibility ?

If so , field ?

Homework and ... an alternative mindset needed.

Perhaps a job lot to kick off ... if transport not an issue.

Why ... is the question to ALWAYS ask ... why so cheap ?

Classic example ... contact of mine over in Derbyshire ... bought a liquidation sale of 30,000 odd brand new dvds ( 20,000 or so really top of the range titles ) for £ 7,000 ... 22p each.

" Local markets / car boots ... easy peasy ,,, 3 for a fiver ! "

4 months and a week later ... 800 odd sold , mainly 50p / £ 1 each ... factor in transport and sit down money ( Stall price ) , he really is sweating to get his stake money back let alone a profit ... probably close to 100 hours of effort and still showing a loss !

Even a shop on EvilBay would not have really helped ... add on postage and he would not be competitive.

Summary ... hardly anyone is buying dvds today , so much easier to watch through an Online service !

Paid employment ?

Same general considerations ... really eliminating what does NOT appeal first ... whatever is left , a possibility ?

Computer skills ?

Be prepared for most vacancies to need them.

Then , anything available locally as opposed to being centred in one major location ... eg. financial services / The Smoke ?

Even the local excuse for a Job Centre ... someone may be able to suggest something you may have not considered ?

Nothing concrete , just a few observations I made a decade ago ... reintroduced on this forum as a " Guide " of sorts.
Thanks Chris- yes indeed to all of that.

Needs to be a transferrable skill for a town community and perhaps one to take out further to more countryfied area. Everything around here seems pretty saturated such as dog boarding/walking/grooming , hairdressing, letting rooms , geneaology, definitely not in the city.

Yes good computer skills, but stare at screens quite enough already.

Would be happy to work from home, looking for ideas please-however bizarre or indeed obvious. I just need a brainstorming session please.
Home = computer = Internet = ???

Something bizarre ?

Trying to get me permanently banned if I follow through on that one ?

There's always a market for something a little " Bizarre " ... even at my age ?

As for the countryside , that word takes on a whole new meaning ... farming as farmers do , and what a textbook or the Taxman describes as farming , for one ... ever known a poor farmer ?

Selling through EvilBay ?

Any shops around who would benefit from additional sales ... you on a commission ?

Advantage of no cash outlay ... just time and effort.

My DVD contact ... offer to him to do the same still stands ... provided I can take physical possession of whatever titles.

Finding anything advertised on the Internet in the way of employment ?

Discount most as they will be of the classic ... " What's on the tin isn't what's inside ! "

Yes ... a barnstorming session required ... as is a different approach.

Eliminate what does NOT appeal ... whatever is left will be probables.

Quite often , everything is eliminated first , and occasionly , second time around.

As my chosen handle says ... " Without deviation from the norm , progress is not possible. "

Note ... deviation ... although the odd bizarre notion / thought helps ?
Hi Henrietta
Ideas :
I once looked at becoming a driving instructor because of the flexible hours. At that time it was easier for me to work evenings and week ends. It's not too costly to train

Another friend does b&b

What about freelance interviewing like Scally does

Or move into self employment in caring, or into supervisory or management role

Or training carers

That's it for now, sorry
it's probably not well paid, but are any of the charity shops near you looking for PAID staff - or even a paid manager?

Trouble is, it's probably pretty easy to ask at the Job Centre (or whatever Labour Exchanges are called these days!), as to what jobs are going locally at a 'basic' level, but FAR harder to find out what they are short of at any more 'senior' or 'professional' level, if that is what you are after.

B and B has been mentioned, but I would strongly advocate, IF you wanted to go down this route, that you opt for self-catering accommodation instead! B and B is hard work in comparison. Holiday lets just need cleaning once a week, and hopefully after that the guests leave you alone! But of course you need to buy a place with s-c potential first!

Working from home is easier, but 'non-social', and usually doesn't pay well! Unless you are a MAFE - middle-aged female entrepreneur (I always sigh when I read about 'kitchen table' businesses set up by MAFs.....it always seems to involve things like selling organic cakes or something.....)
Thanks for ideas ladies - despite the age I still don't see myself as middle aged, not sure I ever will. The clapped out body feels 100 some days and brain feels like a 20 yer old but that is probably the way most of our carees feel- yikes.
Thanks for the thoughts, keep them coming, I will gather the brain stormed list and give it some thought when project house is nearly finished. Carpet down in hall, stairs landing today but need to call fitter back out as kitchen door doesn't close. I think he slipped off hoping I wouldn't spot it !!!!!!!!!!!
More ideas please- I promise to use the list sooooooon.
If you already have a dog, how about dog walking - especially for the elderly. Often the owner has LOADS less energy than even an elderly dog, so might be glad of a dog walker. I can't think it pays much money though - but you do get paid, at least, for taking your OWN dog for a walk as well!
I tried dog walking Jenny- paid for insurance and advertised- very little interest apart from people wanting a full spec on my background, experience, training courses and insurance details. Market is saturated around here with pooch walkers and boarders.

Now trying to get a lodger but market also saturated with people letting rooms and already paying for 2nd month of advertising.
Not exactly going one make one rich but here is my sideline - currently looking for more throughout GB (not sure about 'Noren Oirelund')

'As a Member Pioneer, you’ll bring people together in the communities around our food stores and funeral homes.

You’ll get people talking about what matters most in your local community and work with Co-op Members, Co-op colleagues and the local causes we support to tackle issues and get things done.

We’re really flexible about where and when the activity happens, but you’ll work up to 16 or 20 hours a month depending on how big your community is, and get paid an hourly rate of £8.00.'