Overcoming Lonliness

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I know it might not be the solution for everybody but one way to get people to talk to you is to get yourself a dog.
This afternoon when I took Dougal for a walk 6 people spoke to me while we were walking and another person while I was having a cup of tea outside the café.
One elderly couple even gave me their phone number and said if he ever needed looking after at any point don't put him in a kennel.
They would love to look after him for free.

Hi Brian

I have a westie and a lot of people stop to say hello to us.
Walks take a lot longer than they should and sometimes I have felt rude when I have had to cut a conversation short as I am booked to go somewhere.
What type of dog do you have?.


Dougal is a Cairn terrier so he is similar to a westie.
We had a westie in the past and we could not find a westie anywhere when he died.
The breeder decided he would sell us a dog just before Christmas as he did not want the family sad as we lost our old dog just before Christmas. He was going to sell his dogs just after Christmas.
The only complaint he had was he said Cairns are best. I am sure if he had had a westie his westie would have been best.
All I can say is we have loved all our dogs equally and if Dougal dies and no cairn was available I would go for a westie or possibly a scottie.

Brian, thats a lovely idea, getting a dog. if you have read my posts on roll call, you will see I have bought a kitten as an early xmas present for my son and daughter in law. having a "baby" in the house has helped me tremenndously. And he is so funny Image Image Image

I think the lonliness is the hardest part to deal with, isn't it?

well done you for meeting it head on, thats the only way to deal with it, I've discovered.

Stay strong,

love Phoebe xx
Hi Phoebe

Dougal is now 7 years old. My daughters have a dog each which they share with the grandchildren and they are all equally good as each other.
Dad loved him along with the others and I think he would have liked all 3 at his funeral.
We thought there was a risk that they would start barking at each other so we just took Dougal.
We had a little bark at the start and another bark when they drew the curtain. We think he was saying goodbye.
Our previous dog went to Mum's funeral and he just barked when he drew the curtain.
The minister was a doggy person and was happy to have Dougal there.
As he said Dougal had been close to Dad so there was no reason why he should not be at his funeral.
Another thing I say is to get over the sadness of a dog passing away get another dog as quickly as possible.
A cat is good for some people. For some reason they don't seem to like members of our family. Perhaps they can tell we are really dog people.

If not for our cat I'd have no1 to talk to.

Don't think I'll ever be anything but lonely.
Hi Wee mart,
I agree that pets are wonderful to chat to, when my son and girlfriend move out (they currently live with me) they will take take Sheldon (the bonkers kitty) with them as he is their cat. I will probably get an "old lady" cat of my own.

Love Phoebe xxx
Hi Wee Mart,

For some strange reason cats do not seem to like me.
Probably they may smell dog on me.
Even though I have a shower most mornings some of the clothes I put on have been worn the day before and I come in contact with Dougal before getting out the door and often some other dog when I get out.
Another thing. Every house in the close now has a dog so I don't think life would be good for a cat around here.

Yes, Brian, but if someone had a cat in one of the houses, the dogs might have more fun!!!! Image Image Image

Jenny - who has a cat, not a dog (and it's hard enough to find cat-feeders when I'm away fetching MIL, let alone if I had a dog!)

I agree, though, that having a pet is great comfort when one is on one's own.
Hi Jenny

A few months ago Dougal happened to be in the garden enjoying the sun and a cat came in.
Dougal went mad and the cat jumped over the fence in to next doors garden to be met by next doors dog and again the dog went mad.
Since then I have not seen a cat in my garden.