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first day out without our boy - Carers UK Forum

first day out without our boy

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
We drove to Kirkintilloch to a "Rampaging Romans and Crafty Celts" event. It poured with rain the whole time and the Romans didn't do much rampaging hiding in their tent most of the time but the Celts sat in their open sided tent making baskets etc despite the rain.

Got chatting to one of the "Syrian" Roman auxillary army archers - funny how he had a broad Scots accent don't you think? Also had a chat with the Celtic patriarch and had a look round the museum which is near the Antonine wall.

Then we drove into Braehead where Robert bought me some rose gold jewellery for my birthday (which he will hide until August).

We went to Sainsburys for a few bits of shopping yesterday but I was prettty tired walking with my rollator so Robert told me to go and sit in the car and he would finish the food packing. I did this but on the way out I saw a young man in a powered wheelchair exactly like Robert's with his parents and I ended up sitting in the car crying because it brought back so many memories. I really think we are going to have to stay away from that particular supermarket.

Glad to hear you went out. Very sad to know you cried, but it's bound to happen. Anything can bring an emotional memory can't it. ((( HUGS)
Thinking of you both Eun

x x
(((Hugs))) to you both.

Sending more ((hugs)). Entirely natural and all part of the grieving process but so hard. Even now, two years on, I tend to avoid certain places I went to with mum.
Eun, well done for getting out and about. There will be many ups and downs in the coming months, even years later every so often something will find a weak spot.
When I was widowed (and your situation I consider even worse) I decided it was like a toddler learning to walk. Everything trips you up to start with, but gradually it gets easier, when you do fall down, it doesn't mean you've failed permanently, it's a "temporary blip".
It's early days yet, I hope that in time, with rest and sleep, things get a little better. I kept a diary of my own personal journey, looking back at it I realise just how far I've come.
Eun, well done to you both for getting out, huge hugs to you both. x x
Sending more hugs...Sad for you cried. It is so refreshing when have time to go out and see the world.
Sending you my love, Eun. x