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My darling dad died at the beginning of May - Carers UK Forum

My darling dad died at the beginning of May

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Thank you to everyone on this forum who was so supportive of me.

I miss Dad more than I can express, I love him with every fibre of my being. He died in the hospice, it was his second time in there, they were wonderful with him. I was with him 24 hours a day, sleeping by his side for the last six days of his life. I was with him at the moment of his death, I held him in my arms. The hospice have been great with me as well as Dad.

I am so glad that I did take unpaid leave from my job for five months and moved in with Dad. I really was able to care for him and love him as he became more and more frail, it was challenging, it was at times isolating, but he always appreciated it and was kind and loving to me. Now I am so glad I did this. Also glad that I moved into the hospice with him for the last six days .

Am back at work now as have to make money! Dad's funeral was beautiful but needs paying for, and there is not enough in his account to pay for it all!

Thank you to all of you on here that I was in touch with. I lived with Dad for five months as his carer, it was deeply rewarding but tiring, I can't imagine how some of you do this for years!

Thanks again to all of you on this forum, it helped when Dad was alive and still helps now.
Hi Teresa, even when you know someone's days are numbered, it is still a very difficult time. I'm so glad dad's passing was peaceful, you have been a wonderful daughter, and you will look back on this as being a very special time. I hope you manage to get away on holiday in the summer to recharge your batteries.
Hello Teresa
How I admire you! Be proud, and look after yourself now. Like BB I hope you can go somewhere to recharge your batteries. You so much deserve to.
Hello Theresa
Thanking so much for letting us know. I well remember your posts and how concerned you were in the early days in particular. I am glad Dad's death was eased for you so much, and that your caring journey was mercifully short.

There are lots of threads on here to help with the sadness and feelings after losing someone. I do hope they help you if you need it at any point.

Very sorry to hear of your dad's death, Teresa. At least you can be comforted by the fact that you did everything you possibly could for dad and managed to spend time with him at the very end.

Look after yourself now. I think carers are hit doubly hard by the death of a loved one, all the usual emotions, plus redundancy. One day at a time ...

Anne x