Mum Died

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Another only one here, I lost my Dad 21 years ago I cant believe how the time has flown as it only seems yesterday, now Mum is 81 and become frailer after her stroke and even though she infuriates me at times I am dreading the day anything happens to her
Michael I now what you mean about Christmas, my mum loved it too, there was just her and i here opening gifts, how very sad it is. My dad died 27 years ago this year just after Christmas and my mum and i missed him so much. My mum death was sudden (after 24 hours in hospital) and i just cant believe it yet, my heart aches.
With Love to you all
yes wendy i am dreading christmas it is going to be awful... dad passed suddenly to, he had been a little unwell for a couple of days and had the doctor out,, wanted to get him better as we were due to go on holiday on the saturday,, doctor came out on friday and gave us the go ahead to go on holiday the next day... but 2 hours after the doctor left my dad suddenly passed away,, we dont know if it was from a heart attack or a massive stroke, but it was just so unexpected.....
an ambulance was called and i had to perform cpr on my father which was so upsetting, i think he had already gone when i started it,, it seemed like i was only doing it for a couple of minutes but i found out later it was about 9 mins... the paramedics arrived and they were wonderful,, they could have looked at my father and said look he,s 96 and he has gone, but they tried and tried to get him back,,, but the man who i adored had gone..
its been harder for me because there has been no family around, i have,nt seen or heard from none of them since the funeral........
i have friends but dont have one who i could sit and talk to and explain how i fully feel, i think that is what makes it all seem worse