Mother died this morning around 11.00

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Spent today with her best friend reminicing and laughing.

So glad that my son is still here. Have been randomly crying.

I loved my Mother and will really miss her.

I am so glad that her last few days in hospital were comfortable and glad that she and her best friend had some long and lucid conversations.during which she sent her love to my brother and I.
Sending you some virtual hugs, your mother has been so lucky having you care for her right up to the end, I am sure you will find comfort in this in the days ahead. My condolences to you and your family.
(((HUGS))) Jacqueline. You have been a wonderful caring daughter. No one could wish for better.

The next few weeks will be challenging in a different way. Just ask if there is anything you are not sure of.
Thinking of you Jacqueline. (((( Hugs))))
Sorry to hear your news
So sorry, but also so pleased you have both got release.
We are here for you going forward too, pop back whenever you need
No words can comfort all we can do
Is share your North face route with you.
No one can take your pain away
Or cut bereavement's journey short.
Perhaps you would not want them to
Your grief is all that's left to you
Of your loved one who could not stay.
All we can do is walk with you
And try to match our steps to yours.
Just keep on walking day by day.
But let us share that cold road too
To walk a little way with you

( by Mary Sheepshanks)
Thank you Henrietta, Bowlingbun, pet, nicholas and Mrs Average. I am so greatful to have had these last two years caring for Mother. Amble that poem is lovely. Many thanks.
Thoughts and prayers with you

x x
Thinking of you Jaqueline and sending (((hugs)))).