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Memory Lane - Carers UK Forum

Memory Lane

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Mentioning Mam’s favourite songs the other day set me off on a dander down memory lane .. she really liked Tom Jones, and she laughed till she cried when I showed her this clip, not that she’d ever watched the programme before, just she thought the dancing was hilarious !


Mam and computers didn’t really get on, she told me she would’ve chucked mine out the window when it got temperamental, but she sharp changed her mind when she discovered ‘Bbay’ as she called it, and we didn’t go online .. we went ‘on-the-line’ Image
She discovered a whole new world, from wool .. to garden furniture, and allsorts in between .. loved it, was amazed it could all be done at the click of the mouse.

Another picture in my head of her laughing was when she watched an episode of Ground Force where they made the big wood table way too tall, and Alan looked like he needed cushions to sit on Image .. and if ever I said I had a surprise for her, she’d laugh and ask ‘is Ground Force coming ?

...happy memories.
Nice story Sue. Loved the video but never could stand Tom Jones after he snubbed Engelbert Humperdink way back in the sixty's.

Thanks for sharing those memories, Sue......and am so glad that you can remember happy times Image
Memories are so precious Sue, thank you for sharing. x x
That's lovely Sue Image
Thank you so much for sharing your precious memories.
Hi, thank you all for your replies, it's nice to be having happy memories.

Pete, I didn’t know T.J had snubbed E.H., Mam liked them both .. how many times I heard ‘The Last Waltz’ Image

Mam didn’t ‘do’ new technology at all .. cd’s and player .. I wrote the instructions down for her to use it when I wasn’t there .. she played cassettes …

She couldn’t get used to (d) vd’s, yes that’s what she called them and wondered why I smiled .. stuck to her videos …

Mobile phones, amazed at how small they were, but didn’t understand ‘teletexting’ on them …

.. what with Bbay and on-the-line, it’s just as well I was tuned into her wavelength Image Image Image

She knew what she meant !

[quote] Pete, I didn’t know T.J had snubbed E.H., Mam liked them both .. how many times I heard ‘The Last Waltz’ [choosysue]
Yes he never would make friends with him. Englebert said to him, "Come on Tom, there's plenty of room for both of us", but he just ignored him and walked off. He said all this in an interview on TV way back.

My Mother-in-law was just the same. Mind you, she some how used to master these new fangled things if we wrote it all down for her.

She always said things wrong too. Like the dog was called 'Bomber' he was 'Boomer' really.
She called me Keith for ten years!!! That was one of Jill's ex-boyfriends she had been engaged to for seven years. It used to really make me mad Image
There were dozens other things she used to say wrongly. It was very funny really.

Pete Image
Dear old Miss Daisey telephoned me once when she was living in Bristol with my old Uncle Bill. They had been watching Sky news and the announcer had told them they should "press the red button now".........she asked what she should do now as the picture had gone! Apart from the fact that I was in Spain and had no idea, I had to remind her that she didn't haver Sky and the red button she had pressed was probably just the off button on the remote! Image Miss them both so very much.
Although it has been a long time since Sue posted I wanted you to know I have had word from her, and share with me in sending her much love and good luck wishes. Sue has to have major heart surgery, scheduled for tomorrow all being well.

Hoping all goes well Sue

x x x
Good Luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well.

Will be thinking of you Image