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Loss of a caree partner - Page 63 - Carers UK Forum

Loss of a caree partner

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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lovely post dear scally,
the old bear hoping to pick up mr bb's ashes after lunch
to nervous to ask friend/s to join me at short notice,
silly bear
thanks for happy making practical tip about roses scally
a chum told me snowdrops do well on ash too
you're father in law sounds like a lovely man scally
mr bb was red to the core too! (an old leftie!!)
and well done on the sailing trip!
pipe the captain on board me heartie! bigbear smile!

dear les wish i had a labrador with me when i pick up mr bbs ashes,
tbh its just i'm afraid of letting go
i'm dreading that the reality of the ashes will
affect the memories and love i feel for mr bb :dry:
a well best get a wiggle on!!!!
will let you know how i get on gang! :whistle:
little nervous weedy big bear smile!!lol :cheer:
love and hugs
and big hugs for your support!
big bear x ;) :)
one calm happy BIG bear
so pleased to have mr bb's ashes home! :)
thanks so much 4 your understanding advice and support
at that difficult time for me!
i don't know how i would have managed without your understanding
and the benefit of your experience all of you! :)

love respect and love
big bear x
Yes Big Bear I have found great comfort in my big black four legged friend, animals know and understand a lot more than we credit them for. I had the same problem as you and I am sure other people do also, that feeling of not wanting to let go, the reluctance to part with the ashes. Having done it tearfully I have found it a great comfort in being able to return to the woodland burial site as and when I want, particularly as it haeld so many memories when we used to go there as an animal sanctuary to help walk their dogs. Whatever you do with Mr BB's ashes I am sure you will be able to move on after a while in an easier manner, fingers crossed and I hope all goes well for you, good luck.
Les and big blackdog
dear les and big black labrador!
woof woof!
big bear chatting!

i'm having a beautiful little silver memorial ring made from mrbb's ashes
and scattering little bits in lots of places, putting bits under snowdrop bulbs in others
keeping some for myself in beautiful little blue urn friend made from pottery
it feels so much more right having mrbb's ashes
than it did b4 i collected them!
thinking of you and your best friend with 4 legs!
and thanking you both for your lovely support and understanding,

i'm sure you're a great asset to norfolk carers group les,
you're a naturally kind and understanding soul!
scratch behind the ears for black dog
love and hugs for u dear les
big bear x ;) :)
went down coast today and met up with mr bb's family
to scatter beloved aunties ashes
and a small amount of mr bb's ashes
a little tupperware box had mr bb and aunties ash in
plus cornflowers picked nearby and rose petals
from aunties garden
happy to let you all know this!
love and hugs
big bear x :) :) :)
Good morning Big Bear, Not a good morning as it has been absolutely tipping it down all morning and to make it even more miserable it is dark but when big blackdog and I went out earlier it proved to be very mild, he of course is lying alongside my desk snoring but at least the blunt end is not in business! I hope you had as nice a day yesterday as we had up here, vey warm and sunny. I have another ex Carer in Norwich I have been talking with after she lost her husband, his funeral was Friday and we agreed that in our cases it was made easier because in reality due to the illnesses we had both lost our partners a couple of years ago but somehow it is that final moment of letting go when you do something with the ashes yet having done it somehow a weight is lifted from your shoulders and you begin to move forward. I hope your day went as well as could be expected and you can now look forward, good luck to you.
thanks les!!!
your help and support made such a big difference!
love big bear x :)
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