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Loss of a caree partner - Page 59 - Carers UK Forum

Loss of a caree partner

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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Hi Everyone, think am getting less stressed with new site, We'll see when/if I manage to post this lol.
Bigbear- I'm also going through loads of anniversaries, just had Mum's birthday, and yesterday was Hubs' birthday(again the first one for me too). Got through the day reasonably well thanks to wonderful family and friends, with only one meltdown.Next month is the first anniversary of Hubs' passing.
Stay strong-
Booksy- am still looking ahead to you down that path.
Love Phoebe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello Phoebe

glad to see you've made it to the new forum :)
Glad to hear the family & friends helped you get through yesterday; 1sts are hard aren't they ?


(p.s. got your pm's and have replied. do you realise that we don't get notifications of new pm's now ? you have to click on Private Messaging to see if you have any ! or you can look in Forum Profile and there will be a note on the left hand side under the avatar box. pain in the rectum but we're trying to get it changed !)


I spent the day on the customer's garden site, laying turf! Then we went to our cottage and went out for dinner and had a toast to Mark and wished him a happy birthday as always.
Still not been down to Essex, but not feeling quite so down about that. I'll get there sometime, it wasn't supposed to be any sort of sabbatical or anything like that.


Hi everyone, just passing through. Currently I'm caught up in the whirlwind of moving house. Very stressful to be at the mercy of others and not having control. Although letting go is a skill i'm getting quite good at. Twenty months since hubs died seems such a long time and yet no time at all. I can't believe the changes that have happened since then. And here I am preparing to move from the house he was born and died in to somewhere he will have never been. Where we will have never been together, my home not our home.


my home not our home
that's a big step Booksey - I think I have an inkling what you're feeling; Mum always helped me when I moved home right from visiting properties through to the moving process - this is the first place that I have ever lived in that she has never seen and never will see; but I hope that somehow she knows that I now have the garden that I always said I would have one day and that it's all down to her :)

I believe that those who have gone before would want us to be happy and that we owe it to them to make new lives for ourselves.


Booksey, I remember when I sold Mum and Dads home and like your husband, all Dads family had been born there (including myself). It was heartbreaking to see it many months later knowing that the place I had always known as home was no longer mine to just walk in and call out for Mum and Dad. The house will always have a special place in my heart. Even though Mum and Dad never got to see my home here in Spain I like to think that they know I'm happy and the memories of our past will be in my heart forever.

Keep strong all of you.

Bell x

Susie...I'm sure your Mum will know you have that garden you have always wanted x


Hi everybody, how are you all doing? Hubs' 1st anniversary tomorrow, had massive meltdown at work tues, was no use to man nor beast and spent about 3 hours iin the tea room just crying, luckily lovely work friends looked after me.
stay strong, and lots of love to all you wonderful brave people
love Phoebe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hugs (((Phoebe)))


Hi to Booksey, hope you soon get everything ship shape.




Thinking of you Phoebe

Bell x
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