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Loss of a caree partner - Page 56 - Carers UK Forum

Loss of a caree partner

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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hiya phoebe !
just knowing i'm not alone going through this is such a help!
big bear smile!
thinking of you!

love and hugs
big bear x
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((big bear))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

thanks so much phoebe!!!!
i dearly hope you have a good night tonight phoebe!
relaxing and restful!

i didn't get up today till early afternoon
the joys of retirement,
i was just so exhausted
do you think grieving is exhausting..

i think its just so tiring keeping strong and carrying on,
i've sent off for a little plaque
for a bench for mr bb
in the park
or near our flat
i have permission to put them on both benches!
but want one message to be a personal one just from me
and the other from mr bb's chums too perhaps,
although understandably
most of them seem to have other things
on their minds at the moment!
the one i've sent for is just from me...
big bear x Image
Hi Big Bear,
Grieving is so very tiring. If you think back, the last year has been so stressful, with lots of sleepless nights etc. etc. So glad you are managing to get some quality sleep, just sleep as much as your body needs right now, it will do you the world of good.
Hi everyone

I haven't been around for a while sorry the grief monster has been battering you guys but like all things it passes.I've not had the best of weeks either, my FIL's ashes are going with my hubby and I'm finding the process stressful (not helped by hubs family excluding me from things) I went down to the cemetery to discover that the headstone had already been taken to add the extra inscription Image i wish someone had bothered to tell me.

Take care everyone
Booksey, that's terrible. how distressing that must have been and how disrespectful they being to you and your hubs!!
Only two members of my hubs' family are talking to me now. My eldest stepson who has been very supportive and a good friend, and hubs' cousin who lives in Wales.
no one else has anything to do with me now. Families, eh? what can you do?
how distressing for you dear booksey!
am shocked!
we are here for you!
you don't need this behaviour from hubbys family..


thanks for kind words bowling bun!

a better day today for the old bear
a happy active and social day!
most enjoyable!

nice to hve freedom from full time caring
but sad to have to pay the price of losing my darling mr bb...
to have that freedom...
we all understand this i'm sure
as we're all here,

have a good nights sleep tonight friends
love and hugs
big bear x Image
nice to hve freedom from full time caring
but sad to have to pay the price of losing my darling mr bb...
Oh big bear how true this is

Thanks for the kind words both of you. I'm back in a better place now Image .
Booksey, that's terrible.
Hubby's family hardly talk to me at all these days, despite my emails/calls. The only one who does keep in touch regularly is his cousin, none of the others do. Maybe they're a bit shocked cos I've moved on, seemingly too quickly for some of them, but life's too short and it doesn't mean I love hubby any the less. Just because I'm about to start on a new life now.
Thoughts and hugs to you xxxxx
Nana I have one SIL who I'm in contact with regularly the others very rarely bother, but then they didn't bother when hubs was sick either so I don't suppose I should expect anything different really.
I think really we start a new/different life as soon as we are bereaved. I'm really pleased that you have a new special person in your life. Life is for living. I'm quite enjoying being on my own for the first time in my life. I think I've finally become an adult I'm currently looking for a new place to live which will be my house. Its exciting and scary at the same time. I've also just started training to be a counsellor which I am enjoying so much

Take care xx
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