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Loss of a caree partner - Page 43 - Carers UK Forum

Loss of a caree partner

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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Just been looking through the forum and just thought I should be on this part , My Lyn passed four months ( may 19th 13 ) ....

It seems we have all have had the same feelings and thoughts , even now I forget that I dont have to sort out tablets any-more , and the bed is very big with one person in it ...

I have a good fan base around me ( as I like to call it that way you dont offend family or friends ) but its nothing like having your life and sole next to you , I have never really opened up about my feelings and that is where I think I have gone wrong , but i have got some real close people , ( they are not family ) who have helped me through some dark times ....

Perhaps I will tell more in another post , thanks friends even now you have helped me to understand and you have not said any-thing yet ... Image Image Image
Hi Big Bear

Sorry you have come here. I actually do believe in an afterlife and although I am horribly lonely now that my parents and George are all gone I am glad that they will be getting better from their various ills. I know that they had to go because none of them liked the way they were at the end. They all had their brains in tact and knew what was going on. None of them complained about their situation but I knew them and knew they didnt like it.

I hope that you can see that you did everything you could for Mr BB and your life was as good as it could be in the circumstances. I could almost see your local park. You were the best he could have had. Now it is time to take care of you and be as good for you as you were for him (and the rest of us)
Duncaring & Little Lamb
thanks so much for that little lamb!

and glad you've joined this little thread delboy,
i haven't and won't i guess have a chance to catch up on all the posts since this thread began
but hope those in at the start will understand and it's ok!

delboy, i watched new tricks tonight and rodney from fools and horses is the new detective, if that makes sense!

just looking at a beautiful a4 colour pic of mr bb and i
my lovely mh support worker kindly downloaded it for me this afternoon!

she's helping me get used to being on my own
when travelling on public transport,
and walking outside the little community
mr bb and i were part of around our little home zone,
i remember you had similar travel challenges
as a carer as me at the time little lamb

she's a lovely youngster,
a psychologist by training
who previously worked on helping me and mr bb recover
from joint trauma of his first and thankfully last
visit to hospital a few months back,

ah well,
hair nearly dry,
better get a wiggle on!
warmest best wishes for a good and relaxing nights sleep
love and hugs
big bear x
To del boy and BB and sorry you had to join us in the club no one wanted to join. This is a really good place to let your feelings out.
Its nearly a year for me now, we maybe can't walk down the exact same road as each other but we can offer support and an arm to lean on along the way.

Take care XX
thanks booksey!
On Sunday it will be a year since hubs died. A whole year, some times it feels like I've been living like this forever some times its so fresh.
So what have I learned?
A broken heart might not kill you but it will change you beyond recognition.
Widows brain is a real condition (linked to PTSD).
There are people out there who will remind you breathe and help you to function when you don't know how, some times people who you don't know yet.
People who you would expect to help you don't and that's their problem

Thank you to everyone here who has supported me during the last year and helped me survive

Booksey, I have known many bereaved parents who have been diagnosed with PTSD too.And at four years after becoming a bereaved parent, I know the feeling of the people you thought you be there,not being there for me.

I will think about you on Sunday,and light a candle in memory of your dear husband. I hope that the day brings you some smiles as well as sadness. x
Will be thinking of you tomorrow Booksey..xx
thinking of you 2morow booksey!
and 2day for that matter!

just a month since i lost mr bb.

to all on this little thread,
big bear x
Booksey thinking of you on this sad day ....

I have been so down this past week , I found some of lyn's jewellery when I was looking through a little chest of draws , also found a note that she wrote i dont know when that said " I love you so much thanks for what you do " , this completley cracked me up , since then I have been down ....
On the 23 rd of this month she would of been 69 , so that is another day that I will have to prepare my-self for .... I have never really grieved so I think it is coming out now ....I know it takes a long time ..

I am sure I will be ok with friends like you all helping me along ... Image Image
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