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Life after death! - Carers UK Forum

Life after death!

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Please excuse my dark humour but I'm having a crazy time since the death of my partner on Friday evening. Having been assured that I could get the cause of death form from the hospital on Monday (no doctors to sign it over the weekend) I discovered, after a couple of phone calls, that the death was being refered to the coroners office for reasons I cannot fathom. Then today I had trouble getting through to the Registrar, but eventually got a message to ring the coroner who read me the 'cause of death' over the phone to see if I agreed with the medical jargon .... Who has been most helpful? Ernie from the Co-Op funeral services who has rung me twice and also rung the registrar, the coroner and the hospital; I am very glad that we arranged the funeral yesterday; I can't praise the man from the Co-Op enough!
I'm now waiting for the coroner to phone me back ....
Anyway, I just needed to get this off my chest.
Best wishes to all,
Hi Don,
So sorry for your loss , I missed your earlier thread. Things will be very raw for
you right now. Take things a day at a time. and know this forum and the people
on it will always be here. Its sounds like you have good people around you helping
you. Hope you get through things . Take care .
Hi Don,

Sorry for your loss and the fact you seem to be getting the runaround.

Thank goodness for the practical heads on undertakers, that is all I can say. I have two very good friends who run undertaking businesses, and also had aunties who were undertakers in their youth. It is from them I get a dark sense of humour, and loved the tv programme "Don`t drop the coffin".

I hope things go well with the arrangements.

Take care
Thanks for the replies. It turned out that the doctors must have know that the death would have to be refered to the coroner because Dorothy had had an operation (fitting a pacemaker) soon before she died. The very kind coroner who registered the death showed me a sheaf of papers of cases which she had to refer back to doctors who had not made a valid death certificate. Anyway, we got through the bureaucracy eventually and the funeral went off without any problems on Thursday. I could fume at the doctors for misinforming me, but what would be the point? It must be very difficult for young doctors to deal with bereaved relatives.
Evening Don, I have been wondering how you were doing. I know it is difficult but I'm glad that Dorothy's funeral went smoothly and you were able to say your goodbyes. The paperwork when someone passes away is horrendous and I often have wondered how someone older and frail copes when they loose their loved ones.

Keep in touch if you can, there is usually someone around if ever you want to "chat" on the forum.

Take care of yourself Don.

I was widowed 5 years ago. Might I suggest that you Google "Way Up", it's a lovely forum for widows and widowers 50 plus, very much like this one. Take care, I know how difficult this week will be for you. Put all the papers etc. in a big ring binder in order of priority, and just deal with one every day. It's all so exhausting.