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Life after Caring - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Life after Caring

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hello Marisha, I too only just realised I can remain a member although I have lost my husband. My circumstances are very similar to yours, sometimes I think there is no one else out there who doesn’t have children. Support does drop off but maybe that’s partly because we were quite self contained so didn’t have regular contact with other people. I was a member of the U3A and met some lovely people and I shall rejoin this September and see how it goes. I too struggled with caring because although we had a couple of two hour ‘sits’ a week, I provided all the personal care as neither of us could contemplate anything else but it was tough at times. Although he was unwell, my darling husband’s sense of humour was unique and his smile captivating. He was also a great conversationalist and I miss that desperately. People said ‘you’ll always have your memories’ and I thought, I don’t want memories I want him, but nine months later I realise that memories are indeed a huge comfort. I didn’t want to be in this club and I certainly wasn’t ready but then maybe we never are. My thoughts are with you and thank you for sharing because by doing so, you are comforting others, truly, Linda
Hi Marisha,

So sorry for your loss.

Things will get better with time. One day you will wake up and you won't think about him for a full day and you will feel awful for it but time is a great healer. Cherish the happy times you had together.

If you have any hobbies, maybe try and get back into doing them? Any friends from the past you could reach out to?

Keep posting on here as there are some lovely people who will have lots of advice and tips. They already have previous to my reply.

Good luck.