Kirton Major duo chair needed urgently

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
my mum has just been assessed for a new chair as she needs very specialist seating , I have had a quote for a chair that is over £3000 , ridiculous especially as the delivery time is 4-6 weeks and mum is classed as being in 'terminal stage' of Alzhiemers. if anyone by any chance has or knows of a Kirton Major Duo chair for sale/loan or hire Please get in touch
Who did the assessment? The NHS agreed that mum needed a specialist chair, and they provided it.
The cost is ludicrous: I'd love to see their profit margin on that chair. Anyway, it's her money, so ultimately it is a free choice for you, as her advocate, whether that is what she would be happy spending her money on. I would look at Ebay, myself: I bet there are lots out there trying to offload their chairs after their relative has died. The last one sold for £455 ... ... 0624137903