Just had the land certificate through.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
My father passed away on the 21st August and I started with organising things for the probate etc the next day.
A couple of people thought I was a bit quick but Dad was the same when Mum died.
The land certificate has come through with just my name on it after getting probate a few days ago.
I have got to make a couple of visits in opposite directions to get the rest of Dad's money but they can be done over the next week.
It does illustrate how handy it is to know what assets the deceased had.
My next thought is what am I going to do with the house as it is 4 bedroom detached and I am the only occupier.
I have not looked at the housing market for a long time and I am not going to rush in to anything.

I recently inherited a house too - although it is not yet officially documented as mine (seeing the lawyer thursday). I was thinking of renting out the room Dad used to live in as a bedsit - or pet-sitting using it, but am not sure yet. If I get PT work, I can just have a spare room, if not, rent it out, i figure.... til i decide if i want to sell and move on or not. Guess you are at much the same stage thoughts wise - have you considered renting out 1-2 of your spare bedrooms as bedsits? Just an idea that i have been going through - that you might or might not have thought of.
Hi Brian

I note that the house is in your name. It is very unlikely but I would like to point out a will can be contested for up to 6 months after probate has been granted and under circumstances the time to contest is unlimited.
It may be best to only spend the mininum on the house for the next 6 months.

Hi Sonja

You are correct. I have had some repairs done on the roof recently costing £400 but with winter coming on I had no alternative.
A few things need doing within the next few months like 2 carpets but it will probably be 6 months before I finally decide the colour etc.
In theory it looks as if there is the possibility of a will being contested for ever but I doubt if the court will allow it in many cases as inheritances tend to be sunk in to homes and businesses etc.

Would a bed and breakfast establishment be a possibility? Or workmen`s lodgings. I have a friend who used to take in workmen and students. They arrived after work/classes on Monday and left after breakfast on a Friday. She spent Friday prepping the rooms for the following week and had the weekend to herself and shopped for the week on a Monday morning.
That's a good idea Poppet. Standards don't have to be quite as high for workmen, we booked into a place like this by accident, clean and tidy, but no frills, very good value tough. I didn't appreciate the other residents getting up early though! In my area I've seen them advertised as "Contractors Lodgings" - but then it can be a bit posh round here!
I would not want people in the house other than friends and relatives.