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It's now 1 week

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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Well done for talking to them Sue, it's not easy.
Well done Sue

x x

Well done Sue.
Hello Sue, another first. There will be other too and hopefully they will get a little easier. It is now a year since my Mum passed away and 7 months since we said our last goodbye to dear Miss Daisey. Not a day goes by that something doesn't happen and we think of Miss Daisey. I also think of my Mum and it was very difficult when I went back to the UK the time before last as I asked my daughter to drive to Mum's street. The family had owned Mum's house for around 100 years, it had been passed on etc. My dad and all his brothers and sisters were born there and so was I. My cousin actually bought it when Mum died and he also bought Miss Daisey's house that was just 2 doors away from Mum's. It seemed so hard to see a stranger opening Mum's front door...I wanted to run over and tell him to get out! Still, done now and the last time I went a couple of weeks ago, I didn't go there on purpose. I don't think I will ever again now.

Each day will bring its own challenges for you I'm sure but you will find the strength from somewhere to move on, we have to for their memory too.

If you ever want to have a little chat, just pm me. I do a blog now and find that very therapeutic, thoroughly recommend it. Its a place where I can write all my thoughts and keep an electronic diary. Haven't shared it with my family, just those on carers uk really. You are welcome to have a look at it. Perhaps you would find it good to do one too?

Anyway, time to take the dogs out for the last walk of the day....!

Take good care and keep in touch.

Love Bell x
Thank you all so much for your messages, and support.

It was a bit of a glif seeing those three particular lights on at that time of night .. it was our regular bedtime routine for so long .. stairlift, bathroom, bed, Ovaltine, tea-tray ready for next morning, wind-down chat, 'planning' the next day .. the memory came back so strongly, all because of lights.

Bell, I saw the link to your blog on one of Rosemary's posts and I have read it .. Lazydaisy also suggested to me that I write/talk to Mam, just telling her of the daily happenings, like I used to do. I don't write every day now, but it definitely helps me.

Today is better than yesterday ...

Sue x

Today is better than yesterday ...
Remember....one day etc Image
Hey ChoosySue, that must be hard that your Mum's house is so close to yours.
We are all so proud of you and you too Sue, xx

Remember....one day etc Image
I remember .. today has a green dot on the calendar .. baking pies for tea, Mam said I made lovely pastry .. she also said I made a big mess in the kitchen Image

Bluebird, thank you,

x x
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