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It's now 1 week - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

It's now 1 week

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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Thinking about you today Sue (((((hugs)))))
How are you feeling Sue?
Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your messages of support and care, it means so much to me specially today.

I think the worst part was hearing the bell ringing as we followed Mam into church, I think I was just kind of being led through everything else that followed. I didn't fall apart as I feared I might, think I felt kind of one step removed from what was happening.

I have to say, I know it's their job, but the Undertaker was the kindest guy I've met in a long time. He kept coming up to me and holding my hand, asking if I was alright, explaining what to do next, I know they'll do that with all others, but he made me feel that MY Mam was the most important person, he was lovely.

The service at the Crematorium was easier to bear, we played Mam's favourite Barry White song, it was really sunny, could see all the trees through the big windows, was much more uplifting, even though that was the place I was leaving Mam for the last time. Was trying to think of that ship Suzieq and Rosemary.

Thank you all for thinking of me today,
Love from Sue xxx
Thanks for letting us know how you are Sue and how today went.
he made me feel that MY Mam was the most important person
She is, as she is your mam, so that makes her important.
I am glad the ship verse helped. It did me too.

Post on the board when you feel up to it, and even once everything is sorted I hope you will stick around.


Hello Rosemary,

Will definitely stay around, this is a very good place to be.
Have just pm'd you.

Sue xx
Dear Sue,

So glad that today was bearable for you - although very, very sad.

Please take care of yourself in the days and months to come, give yourself time to grieve and come back to 'see' us from time to time.

Hi Sue,
Glad it all went so smoothly for you and that the undertaker was so thoughtful towards you.

Take care of yourself, take one day at a time and come and see us whenever you feel the need.
It was a relief to know that you got through the day so well. It sounds like the service was lovely and you have done your mam proud. Now its time to start thinking of yourself and let the healing begin - however long it takes.

All the other ladies have said it I know, but we will be here for you whenever you need us.

So pleased your mam`s funeral went well.

I have two very special friends, both undertakers, in different parts of the Highlands. Both are kind and courteous by nature, but have that extra special "something". George who directed my mum`s funeral remarked afterwards that it had been a "nice funeral"........words not usually put together, but he said it just as it was.

Hope you will return and see us often.

Take care
Ladies, your support is invaluable to me right now, thank you all.

Saturday nights at 10.30pm are horrible, that's when I called the ambulance for Mam, and she never knew she wouldn't be coming home. I know that on the Sunday afternoon before she had the seizures, we were talking about her getting home by the Wednesday, I hope she was still thinking that.

Ohhh .. today is a bad day, I seem to have no motivation at all to get anything done, here at home or at Mam's home. I keep finding myself staring into space and just thinking about her.
I've been doing it now while writing I'm this. It seems so long since I saw her.

Losing Mam is still so hard to bear, I know it's still very raw, and will take more time, I don't think I can feel any lower than I do right now.

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