Are Social Workers on Cloud 9.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I have just been involved in another dispute over care fees and the father has had to be placed in a care home 21 miles away due to violence etc.
The father has little money and does not own a house but has been living in the son's small dethatched house for 5 years. The son is a pensioner.
The social worker first asked if there were any relatives which could help with the fees to which the son replied no. He is the only living child.
The next thing the Social Worker said was that Social Services would pay the basic fees but due to the father's great needs a top up of £180 per week would be required.
The son just said he can not afford it and is not going to pay.
The Social Worker then asked what is the father supposed to do if the son does not pay.
At this point I just stepped in and said that the council or NHS has to pay as the son has no legal responsibility for his fathers fees.
After a lot of argument with various professionals it has been decided the father is eligible for full NHS funding.
The son does have a reasonable occupational pension but I am just wondering where a pensioner is supposed to get £180 a week from if say they were on a basic state pension?.
Also visits to the father will be expensive.

Brian, well done for supporting the son. It's outrageous that someone with such obvious health needs is not being offered Continuing Care automatically.
Interesting, where do you Live? I would be inclined to make a complaint as this is the only way to get through to authorities. If you cannot get satisfactory local resolution I would complaint to the Local Gov. Ombudsman.

I would start with asking why was false information given to the son? Why was a CHC assessment not offered.

It's the only way to get 'them' to mend their ways.

I don't really know where the borders are for NHS funding but all I can say is everybody I spoke to in the care home were relatives of people who were on NHS funding although it was a secure nursing home for people with serious problems.
There were cases of sons / daughters who were living with parents. All the ones I spoke to were widowed.
In all cases they owned the house jointly with their parent and they were told in every case the house would have to be sold to pay for the parents care which was not true as the sons / daughters were owner occupiers.
Even in cases where the wife was living in the house downsizing was suggested and some have been asked if the children are in a position to help pay the fees.
When the relative says they are going to get a solicitor involved suddenly it is decided that the patient is eligible for NHS funding.
I think Social Workers are wrong to suggest the house is sold as a first port of call.
As you probably know my father only lived for 7 weeks in care and that could have been funded from my savings if necessary.
In any case who wants to get involved in a house move while a relative is in care?.
I wanted to visit my Dad as much as possible in his final days to give him what he wanted except the £100 in cash which he kept mentioning.
Nobody knows how long a person will live in care. The nurse said after her guess was about 8 / 9 months but Dad's death did not relate to the dementia.
I am getting the probate finished and I will then think what I am going to do.
I have not even looked at flats / bungalows yet.
Strangely enough I have found £250 in cash in the garage yesterday.
I think Dad must have put it there. It will not take the estate to the inheritance tax level.

Thank you for the information. As you know, I'm going through the Continuing Care process. I've told the hospital that if they don't sort themselves out by the end of the week I'll put it all in the hands of a solicitor. I know already that mum has free legal expenses insurance! I would not have thought about using this as "leverage" without your information. This morning, they tried to use the fact that mum was in danger of catching infection the longer she stayed there. I replied that she has a lovely room, is safe and well, in fact she's looking better than she has done in a long time. After all, every week that she stays in hospital mum is saving money, and it's costing them lots. All they have to do is to follow the correct procedures and mum could be discharged almost immediately.
BowlingBun. I suggest you get expert legal advice sooner rather than later. Almost any solicitor or charity such as Ageuk or CUK will be able to confirm for certain if the correct procedure has been followed. or not. The sooner you find out for sure the better for you and your mother.

Yes,hospitals are of essence breeding grounds for infection especially for the immuno compromised.

Also, be aware that blocking her discharge may leave you open to the wrong end of POVA (protection of vulnerable adults) and this could leave the POA at risk.

I know you don't consider me a friend (which I am ambivalent about) but if I have managed to give you the slightest doubt which results in you getting proper professional advice I will have done all I can for you.

I hope your mother is awarded NHS CC .... My husband and me have been very glad of it.
Thanks for the message. One of the biggest problems with the "legal expenses insurance" you get with house contents policies is that you only become eligible after you have made a formal complaint to a hospital/doctor and then had a written response. I found this out when my husband died, in total the Prudential and HSBC jointly paid out about £10,000 for a thorough formal review of what happened. The other problem is that they like to use solicitors from their own list. At the moment I still don't have any written response. I woke early and have spent some time going through the NHS guidance booklet, there is no doubt whatsoever that the hospital is trying to take short cuts. All this is going on alongside new problems with my son with SLD, more problems with sister in law in Uruguay concerning my brother's will and probate in the UK, and to cap it all my washer dryer chose last week to develop a terminal fault, I even went to the hairdresser and got the haircut from hell!!!! My usual girl on maternity leave. I actually fell asleep whilst having some waxing done yesterday as a result!