I think some of you may be interested in this link.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Yet again I have come across somebody who has been advised to downsize his house which he jointly owns with his father but managed to argue for NHS funding.

Another person has been advise to down size his house and his father does not even own any of the house which is ridiculous.

All the Social Worker said he is the son and should pay and 1 person does not need a 5 bedroom dethatched house.

I have suddenly thought. I am nothing to do with this law firm. I am only intending to show what has been written.

Brian, are you aware that this outfit you link is owned by everything legal Ltd which is owned by a solicitor no longer registered. he also owns Claims Financial a PPI claim farming site. Everything legal ltd is owned Das UK group a legal expenses insurer. Etc Etc.

Information on the site is dubious, vague and misleading.... In my opinion. Worth doing some general research before trusting any trader, don't you agree?

I think it is only fair to point this out for the safety of other members. It is not a personal dig at you, I accept that you always have good intentions. And I respect you for this.

Lastly, I unsure how tolerant this forum is towards commercial advertising. I do appreciate that you have no financial interest in this company.
Personally I don't see anything on the link that is "touting for business", I have however flagged it up to be looked at.
OK.I had hoped I had made it clear that I did not believe the OP was drawing our attention to this company for any benefit to himself.I believe brian understood my intention thank you Brian

It still leaves me the fundamental concern about possibly unethical sites offering legal advice. Possibly worthy of a new thread.

In the interest of protecting members I am keen to ensure that everyone is aware of the dangers of relying on traders/companies unless we are fully informed of the credentials.

I did a bit of quick research on this particular company we have been linked to. If anyone is interested in further research a good starting point would be, in this case, as follows.

Simply enter into Google "Giles Peaker Guardian lawontheweb.co.uk"
Brian. Do not let me distract you from discussing this subject further. My interruption to your thread was and is well intended in order to inform your readers of additional information and tips which may be of use. Now and in the future.

Thank you for your interesting PM Brian can I suggest that you transfer it to this thread. There was nothing in your PM that was offensive or rule breaking. So just chuck it in here! For everyone.

I understand what a difficult time you have had. I have a little experience myself which is the reason why I care passionately enough to contribute to the forum. As you obviously do too.
Thanks Karen
Hi no1mum

I do agree that the criteria for NHS care funding is given in these links.
The main problem as I see it is I don't think NHS funding is given unless relatives kick up a fuss even if the person is eligible.
As you probably know the Social Worker started with saying the house would have to be sold and the proceeds divided and in less than a day I had a phone call saying Dad would be given full NHS funding.
I presume the NHS assessment must have been either done as soon as I said I would involve a solicitor or it had been done and the social worker was trying it on.
I complained to the council about being told the house would have to be sold and they said our case was unusual in the fact the offspring was a part owner / occupier and the Social Worker is not trained for this. They said all funding is checked by the care contributions teem and they get copies of the land certificate and they would have stopped the house being sold.
It seems odd there were 3 other cases where the offspring were owner occupiers in the care home Dad was in so I don't think our situation was that unusual and they only got NHS funding when they said they would involve a solicitor.
Dad was violent and clearly could not be let on to the street so I refused to pay knowing I had the NHS over a barrel.
I was asked to sign Dad's fees would be paid should he not be eligible for NHS funding in the future.
Again I refused knowing Dad could not be let out on the street and I knew the NHS or council could do nothing about it.

I think unfortunate and harsh as it may sound Brian, unless a stink is kicked up about anything then nothing is done. Regarding the link, we as moderators do have our guidelines as to what is and isn't allowed in links on the forum, in this instance there was the commercial aspect of adverts in the link you posted up. We try our best to be fair and consistent in our rulings.
Hi no1mum

I do know the NHS funding nurse works in the same area as the Social Workers at the hospital my father was in.
Council budgets have been squeezed and I sometimes think they are working together to try to extract money from the relatives in the hope they do not know the law.
Some people must be taken in.
Another possibility they may have thought my father was not going to live very long and it was not worth a legal battle.
In the end I think Dad cost the NHS about £7,000 in accommodation charges.
Both the hospital sister and the care home sister thought about 8 to 9 months at the start so it could have been about £40,000.
Even if I had been liable avenues other than selling the house should have been looked at as potentially I could have another 35 years of life.