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I never thought I would be posting here - Carers UK Forum

I never thought I would be posting here

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hi everyone. Apologies that my visits to this forum have been few recently.

I never expected to find myself posting in this section I can tell you.

Miracle Boy has continued to make very good progress and now he has decided that he would rather live with his dad than carry on living with me Image

I am quite heartbroken as you can imagine but luckily have the support of family and many good friends.

I will keep popping in to see how you are all doing ...
Hello Rie,

You are lucky to have good support. Perhaps Miracle Boy will find out life on the other side is not all it is cracked up to be and come back to stay with you again. Be very proud of your achievements and remember you loved him enough to let him go, so he can return one day the better for his adventures.

Take care
Am proud of you hunny, you've been through so much. Hoping miracle boy will soon see that the grass is not so green on the other side. Love and hugs. K. x x
Unfortunately his father and his family have stopped me from seeing him. I miss him more and more each day. I haven't seen him for several weeks and when I try to speak on the phone he is usually being listened to Image

I hope everyone is right that he will 'see sense' and that he will be able to reverse his choice!
Rie, I think you need to get legal advice over access.
Assuming that you are Miracle Boy's mother, I agree that you need to be looking into getting some sort of access in place legally so that you still get to see him but in a way where he won't be monitored by his father's side of the family. Even if it means that social services have to be involved for a while at least you'll have access and he has the breathing space to speak his mind without being scared or intimidated into saying "The right thing".
Absolutely agree! It's been in the hands of solicitors for months but I think that the 'other side' took advantage of the Christmas and New Year break. It goes back to court in a few weeks but if they are still saying that he doesn't want to see me then there's very little I can do it seems.
so sad to read this Rie.You have been through so much together.
I hope that the court takes everything into consideration and allows you both to have time together.
(((((hugs))))) to you.
Finally got to spend a few hours with him today Image
Good.I hope it went well.xx