I am Lost

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
It takes time, time, time. One is never truly happy again, but one can find a kind of happiness, as the years go by. I think of my husband every, every day, and he is 'with me' all the time. But the dreadful, agonising pain has ebbed. It hits from time to time, so however 'better' one gets, the 'pit of grief' will open up and devour us. Then we surface again, and keep going.

We enjoy 'small joys'.
Pat, have you challenged yourself to do something new to you yet? Driven somewhere new, eaten somewhere new, seen a new film? It's a good way of finding out more about the person you are now, rather than dwelling on who you used to be. I was often surprised by the new me, some of my priorities are very different. On the other hand some things will always be part of me. Simple things like taking cuttings, and feeling pleased when they start growing. I must have taken 100 ivy leaf geranium cuttings this year, many about to flower. The next challenge will be finding frost free space for them over winter!