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Help with getting back into work CV - Carers UK Forum

Help with getting back into work CV

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I cared for my mum for the last 9 years. We had a rough relationship as she is also a narcissistic. She hasn't need me as a carer for the last 5 years but she's emotionally manipulative so I carried on keeping my life on hold until I recently finally took the plunge and left.

However, now I'm 27, with health issues of my own and trying my hardest to get back into work.
I'm sitting here writing out a CV and for the life of me I can't think of a single skill I developed as a carer to write down. Or even in the profile bit, I've just got "as a carer i" and that's it.
Someone please help me.
I'd love to be a librarian and I'm currently doing a course in it so I need to write skills they're gonna wanna see.
Ive got total brain fog write now. Please help
As a Carer you will have developed certain skills such as:

Dealing with authority
Ability to prioritise
research skills - i.e.checking available benefits and finding support

I'm sure others will be along soon with other ideas !


Patience, organisational skills, how to deal with difficult people (you should have a degree in that!!) are all very "transferrable skills". Can you find anyone to help you do this with you? Much easier to do than sat with a blank piece of paper.
Have you considered volunteering at charity shops? You might find you like retail and it'll pad out your CV.
Also there seems to be a lot of demand for Christmas casuals in supermarkets and the like. It's a good time to pick up a temporary job and just see if you like it.
This from the main carersukwebsite might help a bit
https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... employment
Thank you for pointing out the obvious to me! I was seriously going a wee bit crazy there. There's a lot to start with here. Research skill! Yes. Hello library job haha

As for getting some work experience; I'm currently doing some at the job centre (cause the government totally wouldn't exploit free labour lol). I have emailed round all the local library's for voluntary positions, even the ones in secondary schools and colleges. My, as I like to call it, first failed career, was in child care so that should go in my favour. So hopefully I'll hear something back about those. In the meantime I have ideas to work with.
Thank you guys so much. Its my first post in here, so the response has been great.
You say you 'failed' at your first career, childcare. Er, wasn't that because you had to STOP to care for your (narcissistic and manipulative!) mum?

In which case, you did NOT 'fail' ....you 'were prevented by family illness' from continuing.

I think the volunteering suggestion is ideal - and as well as applying formally by post, I hope you are going in and chatting to librarians and library assistants in person, just to get a feel for what they might want, or why. Also, since you started on child care (how far did you get - still qualifying, or studying, or what?), why not offer to get involved in any child-centred activities the libraries might be holding?

For example, I know my local library does 'story telling' sessions in the children's library, where they all sit down on humourous beanbags (crocodiles, hipps etc) and one of the library assistants reads a story out loud, etc etc etc (while their mums collapse elsewhere and read the newspapers in gratitude!!!!!!). You could either offer to pitch in and help, or even set one up maybe?? It would sem to me to be a good combo of your desire to be a librarian now, and your previous experience towards child care.

And yes, volunteering in charity shops etc, also a good idea, and general temporary Christmas work. it's all about' showing willing' and 'showing enthusiastic' and 'getting off your backside' etc etc etc.

The other thing, surely, you could start to do in your own time right away is to start learning the Library Classification Systems! I'm not sure what is currently used ( I was taught elements of Dewey at some point in my schooldays), but there is bound to be loads of information online, and if you started to learn it 'formally' but yourself, that would, again, show willing, and 'advance' you somewhat as you will have to learn it anyway for librarianship.

I think there is also something along the lines of The Institute of Librarianship or The Library Association or something like that, which is the professional body for Librarians, so look them up, and see what they say about 'Making a Career in Librarianship' etc etc etc. If you can start some kind of 'online course' that would be even better. But familiarise yourself totally with all the 'officialdom' of such a career, so you are familiar with what you will need to do etc etc.

It can all go down on your c.v.

Although you are in your twenties now, was there a teacher at school that you got on with at all, or a tutor at any college you may have been to since,? If so, why not type and print a draft of your c.v. 'so far' and ask if they would kindly cast an eye over it, to see what they make of it?

Or, if you 'make friends' with a librarian at a local library, they may do similarly? Some informal but informed feedback could be very useful for your future applications. In any career, we have to try and 'learn the language' that is used within that career, to show we are 'one of them already' so to speak.....
PS one obvious place to try and get temporary Xmas employment that would be most useful and relevant to librarianship is of course a bookshop! I know the pay is rubbish, but it would look useful on your c.v. wouldn't it!
I've just started a "library and information studies" course actually. I don't think I mentioned it in my original post, but I ment to.
Getting a job in a book shop is a no brainer but unfortunately Im now living in a little fishing town called Fraserburgh in scotland (big difference from London!), and it doesn't have a book shop as such. Only places selling books are the charity shops so again it looks like a charity shop my be on the cards soon.

I know I didn't didn't really fail in my first career choice, but it still feels like it. I completed 2 years of study and work and am fully qualified but it was my mum getting ill that put my 3rd and managerial year on hold. I tried getting back into it when I had the opportunity again but I discovered that I had a heart condition and all that running round and high energy days was just not good for me at all. So yeah... Feels a bit of a waste, but I've grieved it and I'm moving on.

Spent some time on my CV today and it's looking much better. I feel a lot more relaxed about it all now... Well, until it comes time for interviews :shock: