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Losing my council home - Carers UK Forum

Losing my council home

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
My mother passed away 28th of last month. I was my mother's carer though and due to bad advice by age concern I never applied for attendance allowance for my mother so I could not get carer's allowance. Though was registered by local council as my mother's main carer. Only found out about three months ago that I could have claimed attendance allowance for mother and was intent to apply in June. So had another no other option at the time to be on jobseekers allowance find a job that I could work in with the responsibility to have our to look after my mother which I never found.

My mother was not sick every day she was rather independent she had high blood pressure who could cause her to fall any time as I think most people know when your carer doesn't start one day we go appeared you mum is fine and next day she was really ill it is a gradual thing sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees because the responsibilities start to increase. I try to keep as independent as possible so she felt that she had a purpose in life and to make life enjoyable.

My local council were happy for me to save them money by looking after my mother as they would have to pay for the carers to come in to do the job that I was doing but now when I need help and because of bad advice there is a prospect of me have to leave the council house living in 38 years.

I try to till the grief of losing my mother constant worry whether I have somewhere to live in the next few months trying to find a job. I know I'm the only one in this situation. And the irony is my local council will soon need more families to look after their elderly relatives but unfortunately there was a pleasure looking at my mum for the last few years of life could not recommended because I know what's happened to me now break a heart.
Hi Robert ... I can sympathise with your predicament.

One earlier thread will be of some assistance here ... " The Lambchop Thread " :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... sion-31553

I recommend having a read of that thread .... much information and advice contained therein.

Once you have done so , feel free to bounce anything of us here on this forum.
Hi Robert,

Welcome to the forum, it's a shame you didn't find us sooner. We keep warning carers about just the situation you now face.

Please take legal advice to find out what your rights are, contact contact Shelter asap.

Although the Council will say you have to be out within 28 days or so, if you don't leave there is quite a long legal process before they can evict you.
Thank you for the advice, it was this good to get this problem of my chest and out the open. I spoke to my local councillor yesterday and making sure I take every avenue to fight this I am not intending to go quietly. I also suggested to her that these problems should been sorted out before my mum passed away.

To release under pressure that carers find themselves in after their people are looking after circumstances change or pass away. That carers put pressure on the local councils to come up with some scheme to make it easier in the future to have peace of mind.
Hi Robert.

Try this link ... If you haven't already done so , SHELTER is your priority :

Can you inherit a council tenancy ?

Partners and relatives have different rights when it comes to inheriting a council tenancy.

Succession rights when a council tenant dies

https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_ ... il_tenancy


This is surely the bit that is most important to children caring for their parents. I haven't ever seen this written before.
Can anyone explain the significance of the date, or did I miss something?

Tenancies that started before 1 April 2012
You can inherit a relative's tenancy that started before 1 April 2012 if:
the tenancy was your home when the tenant died
the tenant did not have a spouse or civil partner who can inherit the tenancy
you were living with tenant for at least 12 months before they died. Time spent living elsewhere counts
Yep ... change in Government policy , explained under the Lampchop thread.

In essence , a brake on social housing tenancies being passed down like family hierlooms.

Also , new links posted under the HOUSING thread in the Campaigns section and posted earlier this morning in this thread :

https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_ ... il_tenancy

Full sp on the change in 2012 detailed thereon.
A quick update I managed to persuade the council to offer me a one-bedroom property there are not sure when the movie me yet. I thought I'd list out a few things that may help someone in a similar situation to me.

1 Make sure you pay the rent to the property if you do not you are making some intentionally homeless.
2. Assume that the council will assault you in some way for example my housing officer told me I was not a proper carer get paid for it.
3 Make sure you have proof of you living in the property for the least 12 months but better to make sure you have documents going back as far as you can.
4 If the person had a social worker and get them to send all relevant documents to housing officer if not request medical data from your local doctor.
5 Provide any medical data about yourself that may be relevant for example if you see a doctor regarding bereavement or any medical conditions a long-term.
Thanks for the update , Robert.

One bedroomed flat ?

Like gold dust on far too many manors ... started from the introduction of the " Bedroom Tax. "

If urban , one in a tower block ... when considering that's all that's available on the manor , especially inside the magic roundabout ( M25 ) ?

Even a spot of genefication ?

" Sorry squire , nuthin' doing locally. Might be one in , say ... Birmingham ? Good view of Spaghetti Junction so I'm told. If you open a window during the summer to save yourself frying to death , a free gas mask is provided to save you from those suffocating traffic fumes."

Keep us advised ... HOUSING ... up there with UC / Foodbanks ... as the number issue facing far too many in CarerLand.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... oof%20over