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How life can change in a year - Carers UK Forum

How life can change in a year

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
12 months ago I was caring 24 /7 getting no sleep and stressing over the prospect that Dad may need residential care and all the financial implications of being under 60 living in Dad's house. I thought I would post an update so people can see that things change and to offer light at the end of the tunnel, I still feel as though I am on a rollercoaster and life hasn't slowed down since my caring days but nearly 12 months on I have been through the house and overseen much needed modernising and decorating. I took on board a second rescue dog after the first 3 months and have just taken in 2 separate lodgers with dogs and have a date next week, oh and I forgot to mention the 2 jobs! EEEk dates what are they ? Never a dull moment. :shock:
I'm so pleased that you have a date next week, enjoy!
Wow, Henrietta, how your life has changed, in just a year!

House sorted, ( wish mine was.)

Two lodgers with dogs!!

And a date!! Fantastic. (No advice to offer, perhaps re-read Sajehar's thread!)

Oooh! A date :kiss: And 2 jobs :woohoo:
you dark horse Henrietta

Do keep us posted, we haven't had a real life story to follow for quite a while now
Such an inspiration you are! Life doesn't have to change for the worse after caring,
Wish my house was sorted too, although have my plans.
2 jobs? I'm intregued.
Date, even more intregued!
Enjoy, stay happy and as I used to say to my daughter's be careful lol.
Henrietta, you SO deserve this!


If there is one thing that caring (ie, being 'chained' to someone else) teaches us, it is to ENJOY our 'freedom' when we get it.


And let us hope that your 'revived' dad (and mum) 'up there somewhere' are cheering you on now!!!!!!

Hey Henrietta!

Am SO glad for you I really am!! You go for it - the cage doors are well and truly open!!

I know my path has a way to go yet but your story inspires me - one day I will be free too ...just hope I can hang on to my home!

Chuffed to bits for you! xxx
Oh Diane, I am rooting for you SOOOOO much.

PLEASE please please let you be FREEEEEE soon, soon, soon!

That is marvellous. Your dad would have been so proud. I think we need more details though, especially about the date.

I am over 3 years on and still can't believe that I have weekends free! And when the phone rings, it is not necessarily bad news. There is a life past caring but sometimes it is difficult to believe.

You are an inspiration ....
I think the date was a one off but perhaps a wake up call I should/could be looking? So difficult to know where to find the time even if I was keen on someone. Yes the doors are wide open but a steady stampede of hephalumps going through the door!