House is nearly empty tonight.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I have been busy caring for Dad until he went in to hospital and I did visit in the afternoon and the evening.
He is now in a care home 9 miles away so it is now only reasonable to see him once a day.
I have got our dog for company and he will be getting his final walk in a few minutes.
He comes with me to the care home and is well liked by some of the residents and the other relatives. Dad sometimes calls him by our former dog's name.
One of the other relatives has bought him a ring but his ball is his favourite.
The dog is missing Dad as well.
I better go as he is looking at his lead.

Hi Brian

Going from full time caring is a big jolt to the system suddenly having time to call your own is very strange. It takes a while to settle into a new routine. I'm glad you've got your dog to keep you company. Its nice that the care home let you take him to visit your dad so many people lose that contact when they go in to care.
I know that "don't you think you should be taking me out" look very well my dog keeps sighing because its time to settle down for the night and I'm still up Image
Hi Brian. Pop into roll call in the members section. It's a good way to meet the other members. It's where we have a little chat from time to time.
Take care,
Hello Brian,

Time on your hands? It's a funny feeling. Hope you enjoy your walks with your canine companion Image , the summer evenings are just perfect for that. I don't have a dog at the moment, but have been thinking about it, watch this space!
Hi everyone

At present a lot of my time is being taken up with catching up with jobs on the house and garden so I am alone but with plenty to do.
I am trying to socialise a bit more but I have limited time.
A few things need doing with the house.
I have had things done structure wise but 4 carpets and the lounge chairs for example have seen better days.
It would be nice to get the house totally in order but it will be there after Dad has gone so I feel that visiting him and getting the items he needs is more important.
The main television has packed in so I will go and start looking tomorrow morning for a new one and may even buy it.
I have got the money for it but I would like to look in to things like smart televisions before I finally buy.