Hello Everybody-Iam new here.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hello All.
My Name is Pat *waves*
How are all my fellow former carers doing!?
I just recently completed over 20 years caring the last 10 years officially, due to the death of my mother.
Iam now in my late 20s and am now trying to start something called "Life" i feel however so far behind my peers , and that i should have everything together, Job,Relationshipwise...Trying to rebuild but....Im now seeking employment but being just a carer im basically "Unemployable" at the moment, so doing the odd training here&their,As well as applying for what I can do with the skills gained from caring, I've also been on Interviews,All things i'm sure my mommy would be proud of,And yet it's BITTER-SWEET....So much change&adjustment and its unerving :dry:
P.S I have also signed up and completed work experience programs, Just to get a feel of the work environment, I volunteer too and have just received my CarersUK kit as an awareness volunteer....So as you can tell I'm trying to keep bust all while feeling utterly exhausted. But we all know Autopilot....And I enjoy Helping people. Has anyone else thrown themselves into something to help the pain of grief !?
dear patrice, first sincere condolences at the sad loss of your mother!
i'm sure the skills you have learnt as such a young carer have given you wisdom, maturity and experience way beyond your years,
i lost mr bigbear 2 years ago after 8 years of caring,
in my 50's this was my first experience of caring.
i've now been retired for a couple of years,

i cant give any useful advice
as to be honest i'm still finding it hard
to begin with i made no big decisions about my life,
and things have kind of stayed that way
big bigbear smile
i was luckily to get a lot of support overall
from family friends and my local community.
this gave me a kind of safety net i guess
but recently i've kind of relaxed making an effort
and in the short term its felt worse!!!

i'm so sorry for your loss patrice,
your mom would want you to be happy and enjoy your future,
little bigbear smile!
i'm sure if she could she'd want to thank you for everything
and more than everything you have done for her,
sending bigbear hugs as and when needed!
love bigbear x :)