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Mum is now in a home. I'm nearly homeless - Carers UK Forum

Mum is now in a home. I'm nearly homeless

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hello everyone. Mum went into a very nice home last week. That of course means I am no longer her carer and I have to give the house back to the Housing Association. I want to be moved out very quickly, as I was two when we moved in here, and it is my 56th birthday in a couple of weeks, so a quick break will be less painful. Not that I want it, but there is no way that I can stay here. Any support would be good please as I am going to be on a real downer soon. Thank you for reading this. Brian
if you have lived there all your life can you not take over the tennacy?? i know of lots of people who have. also make sure your council etc know you are going to be homeless as there are things there can and should do. cotact shelter too for help and advice.
good luck
Hello Brian........just to let you know that your post is being read....I'm sure that someone will be along soon to give you some good advice. As far as I know you have to take the notice to quit along to the council, who will then be under obligation to house you....unfortunately single men are usually only liable for a bedsit type housing.
Even so, are you sure that you're not entitled to take on the tenancy after living there for so many years?
Hang on in there - there's always something waiting around the corner - and not always bad xx
As far as I'm aware the council has an obligation to find alternative accommodation for you. Get in touch with your local council and explain your situation. Also itwould be worth getting in touch with citizens advice.

Further Info from my original post. I moved away to Lancashire from 1977 to 1997. I was in lodgings from 1998 to 2005, and therefore have only five years back in this house. I only moved back here for Mum, when I gave up a fair job as a hospital porter/driver. I would have qualified to take on the tenancy if it hadn't already been passed to Mum when my Father passed away in 1996. I'm not going to get upset though. At times in our lives, doors close and another opens to give us a new start. This is mine. As I am writing this, my mobile is telling me of more responses, so I will take this opportunity to say thank you everyone for making me feel a whole lot better than I did before. Brian
I see your problem now, Brian. It's awful that you must lose a home, because you cease to be your Mum's carer!
Karen is right about the council having to rehome you - you must take them a copy of notice to quit though, so I would advise that you sort that out asap.
I'm glad that we've helped you to feel a little brighter too Image Keep posting - let us know how you get on........and also, make an appointment with CAB? Sometimes in the housing offices of the council there are places to rent advertised there.
Good luck with finding somewhere x
also remember that in some cases you can refuse to leave until a court order which will buy you time to sort out a new home, also the court could find in your favour and let you keep your home. look at all options before you give it up.. get your local councilor involved and your mp all carry weight..
good thinking, Paul! Image
thank you caring_mind. as we all know we have to fight for everything we get and sometimes we forget who to go to for help and we need to be reminded. more so when caring does come to a end. it should not matter weather the tenantcy has changed hands before a human being gave up everything to care for a mum and saved alot of money and then has the threat of losing there home when it stops, there something wrong in that to me anyway.. so much for councils, government etc saying famlies etc need to help each other and when you do there say at the end of that well done can we now have the house back..
Hoping that the advice given by the others can help you and possibly buy you some breathing space. Keep us posted on how things develop please Brian.