For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Looking back at the flow of messages on here generally and in particular for "Sweetthing" I have found a lot of common sense, sympathy in the right manner, really good advice but above all the conduct unlike some sites is very mature and of the right tones. It is definitely somewhere to be able to come to be helped or comforted amongst friends.
You are wonderful people. Guess what, me, my sons, daughters in law and granddaughter are going on a two week cruise in July next year, it has been booked. My husband would never, ever go on a cruise and he said that when he popped his clogs I could go where I wanted, but until then we are staying put. So I am off on a cruise. Something to look forward to and because my husband would not have gone anyway I will be starting a new memory. I just want to get Christmas and the New Year over with because that was our favourite time of the year, we absolutely loved Christmas and our sons and their family all came to our house, so I am going to my sons for a few days and that will also be a new memory because with my husbands illness we could never have Christmas there as he couldn't manage the journey.
Wonderful, now you have a few months to plan and replan your wardrobe, hair and make up. It's your turn now.