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First year in care home. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

First year in care home.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I can't sew or knit well, but I like crochet. Was doing some last school holiday - you have reminded me to dig it out and do some more. Thank you. :)

My house desperately needs decorating, new carpets etc but not easy with S. He struggles with disruption and change. I have decided I need to declutter first - that will make decorating easier. Decluttering isn't going to be quick. But I made good progress last holiday - have to tell myself - I CAN get it done!

Brian has a hospital appointment on Tuesday. He has been taking seizures since the end of May. The Nurse Practitioner from the medical centre has been in to see him umpteen times but unless you actually see him taking them, it's hard for her to diagnose. The doctor has finally decided to refer him to the One Stop Frail Elderly unit at our local hospital.

I was very reluctant to take him by myself in my car as when he has a seizure, his right arm thrashes about, not a good idea when you are driving on the motorway. By chance, my daughter, who works in her local school, is still on holiday next week so we will all go in her car. He will need a wheelchair at the other enc so it will be easier with two of us.

I took my tablet into the nursing home with me yesterday to see if I could manage to video him having a fit in order to show the hospital doctors. I managed to get the second fit on video which lasted for about six minutes - the longest he has ever been unresponsive. Hopefully it will be of help to them.
HI Irene,
glad your daughter is able to assist with the hospital appointment, though surprised the home haven't arranged hospital transport for Brian.
The video clip should really assist the consultant to make a diagnosis, I took video clips of S having a seizure to the hospital many years ago and was finally taken seriously and believed that S was having seizures.