Final payment

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Does anyone know if when you stop your carers allowance if they pay you until the end of that month? And when you receive it as my working hours are now not allowing me to call and ask. :-???
Sorry, don't know exactly, it depends on the circumstances. I know that if your caree dies, it lasts for a few weeks. Not sure if you just give up caring. Once you have told them you are no longer caring, they will send you a final letter explaining how they arrived at the figure they have paid you.
Reading online it sounds like carers allowance and carers part of income support will carry on for 6/8 weeks following their death. There is a tell us once service (in some areas) that allows you to inform all departments at once. As my father died at home we have waited for 14 days (in essex) for cornenor to release my father's body were registering the death to day (this was on 26th Feb! ) and hopefully get some balls rolling as been sat in limbo. And my head feels all confused with different feelings and thoughts can't seem to focus on anything.
Austin, it's completely normal for your head to be all over the place. Just concentrate for the moment on arranging the funeral, and making sure everyone knows. I put an ad in the paper asking people to contact the funeral director, not me, with any questions etc. That saved a lot of work and distress. If there's anything you are not sure about, ask away. The one thing I can't tell you about is how long the benefits last for, as I didn't receive any.
It a policy matter and may differ, but in most cases you have to pay for the whole month