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Caring Role Ceased in September 2017 - Carers UK Forum

Caring Role Ceased in September 2017

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hi all. I'm a complete newbie on this forum and I'm sure if I read through the many threads on here it's always best to introduce and explain my situation to see what others can advise or say.

First of all, I live in the "outback" as known here, A small village in Lincolnshire and became a carer for my wife of 38 years in 2013 when she was diagnosed with low rectal cancer eventually leading to a 10 hour operation which in turn left her totally bed bound for 14 months+ before she contracted sepsis and pneumonia and passed away in September 2017.

We had been on joint ESA and after the full appeal to the Courts Tribunal received the maximum PIP allowance possible which then allowed me to claim Carers Allowance. Of course all this stopped on the date of her death, the motability car had to be returned. My own GP issued a fit note so that I could claim my own ESA but following one of the well known "health assessments" in April I actually received a call from the DWP at the end of May telling me I had scored 0 points and my ESA was stopped there and then.

That's the brief history. I'm now about to turn 63 at the end of the month and prior to being a carer I was a clinical scientist in a health service provider laboratory. Working in that environment means that you have to undergo continuous training and assessments in an accredited laboratory, which of course I haven't been able to do. Of course, the state wont allow "early retirement" and my retirement age has been delayed one year, so I've got to wait until I'm 66.

So, now I'm attending the Jobcentre once per fortnight. However, I have to admit, I haven't a clue what to look for, or indeed, know what I want to do with the next three years. I have become a local Parish Councillor but that hardly takes up hours and is only seen as voluntary in any case. I'm sure my CV is 'old-fashioned' but even then with a revamp I'm under no illusions in my areas of knowledge the age barrier is a problem despite all the rhetoric at the Jobcentre about age discrimination.

Basically, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Have you thought about working with people with learning difficulties? My son has LD, desperately misses his dad, who died 12 years ago. He has no behavioural problems at all, keeps his flat really tidy, but needs help with money, crossing the road, etc. There is such a desperate need for good male carers. The only male carers my son gets are young students or similar wanting a fill in job for a while who really don't care at all. He lives less than a mile from the boundary of the New Forest National Park, but staff have only taken him for 2 walks in the forest in the last 2 years!! He has a National Trust card, carer goes free, and they've never used that. Ignore suggestions that they go to Brownsea Island for the day.
Hi Brian
Firstly, if you do have lasting medical issues you could appeal the decision. Many do and a high proportion of them are succeeding
Secondly if you are able to work then the Job Centre will sart to help you. You will be provided with a Work Coach who will help with rewriting cv and give guidance which areas to,look towards. But this may take time..

Meanwhile look at the skills you have rather than the experience, for example, methodical, research, numerate etc and go for jobs with those needs

Another thought is to look and see whether you have any work pensions that may pay out early. You may get a slightly lower rate but that would take the pressure off having to look for work and see you through the next 3 years until state pension clicks in. Look too to see if you have any insurance policies that should have paid out (or if wife did). There my a well be a retrospective claim to make. It's amazing how many of us forget such matters when dealing with illness, yet that is why such policies are there. Again wife may have had pension that should have paid out.

Meanwhile there are many volunteering opportunities to keep time at bay, and can build work skills

Hope some of this helps
Thanks for the replies, both containing very useful comments which I need to investigate further.

On the work coach front he is pretty good and has suggested tutoring at home online might be a route to go and I'm already looking into that. He has also put me in touch with the Lincolnshire branch of the National Careers Service who I'm working with on my CV update. So, it's fingers crossed.