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What next? - Carers UK Forum

What next?

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
What next?

So far this year seems to be going so fast, and i feel so alone in some respect,

There really seems to be nothing in place for people who gave there whole life up to care.

Im in counselling at the moment as my world was turned upside down with the death of my grandmother,

Its really felt like someone got a snow globe and shook it upside down and theres my life laying there in pieces.

Im trying to pick them up slowly but its a struggle, and im just shocked how there really is no help for people like my self who gave up there whole life from a young child,

Even filling out the census form was hard, I felt like so,me low life who never worked but in truth i worked harder than most who worked a 9 to 5 job,

Money is very tight and im having to claim job seekers to get a job, And again feeling like someone who is bumming of the state in the way thats treated,
They look at me odd when i dont have the experience on paper of a "Real" job as they see it,

Where in fact i have cleaned, injected, lifted, medicated, spent 20 odd years with hardly any sleep and getting my grandmother to all her hospital appointments and being her arms and legs!

Just felt like a rant Image


And im still fighting for the flat that i have lived in for over 20 years, As im her granddaughter??? Though she was more like my mother as she took care of me since i was 6 weeks old? so i in some way "should" have rights to take on this tenancy,
But goodness the way they have treated me is shocking, There just look at me like im something out of the gutter and that hurts,

I wish that somehow i can help make changes that our needed for former carers , I will fight this and kick up all the storm that i need to make changes,

Any hows rant over lol just needed to get that all out! thanks for reading Image
I so feel for you!
now that is a a 10/10 rant, u got the fire in you to fight for wot is rightfully yours hun

i have just gone on benefits as well and i feel like scum, i know im not really but sitting at the council handing over all these proof of benefit forms i felt like proper bottom of the barrel cr@p . but these lovely folks on here they help no end
so rant away and get it all off yer chest, it helps

huge hugs!!!!!

Wish I could say something useful but my God, you're justified in feeling the way you do.. Image

Sezzie x

It is very sad how unpaid carers are cast aside once their caring role is over, and I for one absolutely agree there is no support for US.
As an ex carer, I have put my efforts into campaigning to raise awareness but have found that ‘if it doesn’t affect the individual then they are not the slightest bit interested'.

So my advice is to keep your chin up and keep sharing your story to enlighten others’ like I DO!

Regards xx

Have a look at this to see if it will help you.

http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentc ... G_10030994
hello and welcome