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Ex Carers Discrimination? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Ex Carers Discrimination?

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Good to see you again, Sheila.
Thanks everyone.
Hi Sheila, just spotted this thread, good to see you back.
Jobcentre staff all seem to be rude and unpleasant, but I suppose it isn't an easy job and the nice people soon drop out: I just claim everything I am entitled to and complain in writing if officials are rude or offensive.
Pleased to see you posting again Sheila. I think about you often.

My nephew recently had first hand dealings with Job Centre after his mum died. He hadn`t worked for five years, having moved in with his mum when she could no longer cope alone. He took his sons from their mums house every morning and took them to school. Collected them in the afternoon and gave them their tea and did their homework with them until mum was ready for them to come home, some nights almost at bedtime. Most weekends the boys stayed over for some or all of the time. He had a letter from the revenue office saying he didn`t have to contribute financially to his sons care as he provided more value for money with hands on duties. When he went to sign on he was treated like a leper........He had only just been granted carers allowance when his mum came home from hospital to die as prior to that she wouldn`t allow him to do so as she would have lost some of her money. His mum kept him and the boys in food and clothes and a small amount of pocket money, about the equivalent of what CA would have been.

Anyone would think he had been serving life for murder, not being the devoted, loving son and father that shines through.

Any improvement to the current system is well overdue.

Take care