For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I posted on the general board about the problems I had regarding my mother.......... she died in April of this year and I am so sad, not bereaved as such because I had 15 months to talk to her and try things out even though they where refused, nevertheless I have peace of mind.

But how to cope with out her, is a different matter. Image

The gap that has been left cannot be filled by husband, children and or cat!!!

Its a void that seems to be leaving me with a whats the point in life feeling

Hi Su,

Grieving for a loved one is just as personal and individual as our caring roles can be.The way we grieve,the length of time we take, can all vary and for me we learn each day how to cope and move on.

You have said you had 15 months with your mam so hold on to that,many people are not so lucky.Try think on the good times,on happy memories.

It may be too soon just now,only you can say but do you have any interests that you could take up again? Do you work or want to work? Have you lost touch with friends who you may want to catch up with again.

Take one day at a time but know we are here and will support you in any way we can.

If you get time take a look at this too.... ... ftercaring

Be strong Su