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Ex Carer

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Went to the Doctors today, but didn't get a chance to tell him about not sleeping properly. He asked me and I told him. Then he went on to tell me how well I had done for my Mum and hearing all this got a bit too much and I started to well up a bit. He told me I had reactive depression and signed me off for a month.

When I said earlier here that I felt "depressed", I didn't mean that I had depression . I just meant that I felt a bit low and needed to sleep properly and have some time to sort myself out and gather my thoughts and stuff. Now I feel like a bit of a fraud.

I'm going to try to use that time to really sort myself out though.
At least this gives you some breathing space Bill and should hopefully lift the pressure that you were getting from the job center.

x x
Yep, its just what I needed right now Rosemary.

You're not doing too bad Bill.A fair result today and Monday you found us Image Image Image Image
You're not a fraud Bill, you need some time to take stock - it will give you some breathing space to decide what you do next.

Yep, Rosemary. Things could be looking up hopefully. Image

Have to go for an ultrasound too for that soreness in my side when I get a letter. If that gets sorted I know it will make me feel a bit better overall as well. Doctor said it could be gallstones possibly, after pushing and prodding me all over for a bit. Thought I might have pulled or torn something at first. Blood tests etc were all ok, but said my blood pressure was a bit high, but not by a huge amount.

Yes, breathing space is what I needed Paula and I intend to use it.

[edit] I'd just like to say that all of you guys have been great. This is a great resource too. Thanks all. [/edit]

Hi all,

I got that booklet in the post Christine. Thank you very much for that. I'm going to read it later tonight.

Been busy using my time getting the house, garden and trying to get myself back in order. All have been a bit neglected for quite some time now. The weather is really nice here just now. Going to go back into the garden in a minute or two. I would like to get it back to the way it used to be. Will feel better when I do.

When I told the jobcentre about the Doctor signing me off for a while, their attitude towards me changed totally and they have been really nice to me since I am glad to say.

After doing some work in the garden and stuff, I realised I'm not exactly at my fittest. Image Image Going to look out the old exercise bike from the loft and see if that helps. Image (I'm not too bad really though. Could be a lot worse). Still not sleeping properly though. Hopefully that will sort itself out soon.

One thing that I'm finding a bit hard to get around to, is giving my old Mums clothes and things away. It seems too much like I would be getting rid of all traces of her at the moment. Will have to get around to it at some point though. There are a few good charity shops in the town that could make use of them.

Anyway, going to get a cuppa and get into the garden for a bit. The sun should do me some good.

Catch you all later.