Ex Carer

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Bill I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum and very angry to see how you've been treated.

I left my full time job 7 years ago to look after Mum, I'd juggled work/caring for the previous 14 years but it just got too much for both of us.

I hope your GP can help you gain a little time until you feel able to look for work again, former carers should not have to go through this, it's disgraceful.

BTW a word of caution, watch Ms Rosemary - turn your back and she'll be off with your chocolate digestives, trust me I know Image

She has chocolate ones ? I only have plain. Image

Thanks Paula. XXX

I juggled work for quite some time too Paula while caring for my Mum. She could walk then and wasn't blind yet and didn't have cancer, but had had a stroke and a few other things wrong with her. She had to learn to talk all over again. Sometimes I had to take days off. They didn't like when I did that , as I was in charge of around 40 or so people and was responsible for organizing their work for the day etc.

Rosemary, I am thinking of some sort of computer studies, if I can get funding ? While working before, I did a few correspondence courses etc in computer studies, but they are well out of date now. My original heavy Engineering type of work is virtually non existent around here now. Thats why I started the computer studies before, as I knew it was going that way.

I can build my own computers from scratch and have been doing various voluntary medical distributed computing projects through the years while caring. I am currently doing cancer research and other things at the link below. (Hope links like this are allowed ? Its not spam, its a genuine voluntary project).


I dont post much at the forums though. I mainly just get on with the number crunching. There is no need to know anything about the research. All that is needed is a decent computer and an internet connection.
I dont post much at the forums though.
I am the same Bill,I dont post much Image Image Image

I took a look at that link,all double dutch to me I'm afraid.. Image

As serious the reason that had you looking for advice Bill,I hope you have enjoyed your 1st day on the forum.Even if for only a few minutes you can smile, it can help pick you up.


P.S.Paula is the one who pinches the choccy biscuits

I agree with Paula, Rosemary likes the choccy biccies... she dunks them in her brown ale Image

It certainly has cheered me up a bit Rosemary. Its good to have a chat with people who understand.

I best go make something to eat.

Thanks everyone.
I agree with Paula, Rosemary likes the choccy biccies... she dunks them in her brown ale Image
And I thought we were friends Image Image .Last time I phone you Lynne Image Image Image Image Image

Enjoy your meal Bill.

Eeesh Rosemary, you know were friends lol. But i'm almost sure i read somewhere you like brown ale and choccie biccies Image

I would like to apologise on behalf of Paula and Lynne Image ,they are giving the wrong impression of myself.
I do not have choccy biscuits( Paula does ),I do not drink brown ale ( though I do like the taste Image ).

Hope they have not put you off coming back Image Image Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image Image
Poor Bill Lynne.He must think he has entered the Twilight zone.... Image Image Image