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End of Dementia journey, start of? - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

End of Dementia journey, start of?

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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Well done Pet, YOU did hubby and your family proud, too.

Well done Pet. Glad it went OK.
So pleased that it went well, and thank you for remembering the forum. We will be with you along the next steps too xxx
Glad the service went to plan , pace yourself with the days ahead.
Paid the funeral bill today. Strange very sad feeling. Had a chat to the funeral staff, as she wasn't too busy today. She was telling me lots of ex clients call in to chat, especially one man, who still cries after 3years. He just can't see a way forward without her. So so sad.
Bought some more plants for my container's. But, tiredness has just overwhelmed me again. Grateful for the forum explaining that it could happen. Its not a tiredness that I get when worked hard, a different feeling. Home feels empty too, even though hubby was in the nursing home, hospital for a very long time.
Going to try and relax for a while. Loads to be done, but will have to pace myself.
Hi Pet, that's enough for today.
I used to say "The world will have to get on without me this afternoon".
Just getting the plants was enough for today, have a rest, and then maybe pot them up in the evening.
My baskets are all lined up on my patio table with petunias waiting to go in. I like doing this late afternoon, when the paperwork etc. is done.
Pet, you are emotionally tired, and resting, only doing stuff when you feel like and sleeping is what you need. Listen to your body.

Have some bittersweet news.
Hubby's credit card provider have at long last acknowledged that he lost capacity to use the card appropriately, they felt he was muddled and confused when he tried to speak to them in 2015! It's been another battle I've had. Bittersweet because he won't know, but how good I feel to have made them understand that vulnerable people are just that, and don't need encouragement to carry on spending etc etc. Have been offered compensation ( an amount I am happy to accept). It's not really about money, but justice.
Also I hope my complaints are taken on board re asking me to get hubby to sign a consent form when I had court of protection certificate, proving he hadn't capacity, and worse still asking for a consent letter from him after his death.
Am emotional now and having a rest from paperwork for a while.
A week ago today his funeral was just finished.
Pet, that's brilliant news. Hopefully your persistence will have taught the bank a valuable lesson.

Please now go away for a few days, somewhere you can recharge your batteries, there are lots of offers on sites like Late Rooms.
169 posts