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End of Dementia journey, start of? - Page 17 - Carers UK Forum

End of Dementia journey, start of?

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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I agree with Melly Pet :)

You are a whole lot stronger than you think - you should be proud of what you've achieved in looking after your home.
(I'm sure your hubby would be proud of you to know how well you are coping.)
Thanks to you both. Helps that I can offload on the forum.
I can't have a soak in the bath Melly! Had it taken out and a shower cubicle installed. I struggled to get out of the bath, and much prefer a shower. Still haven't opened that bottle Bailey's bought last Xmas!!! Maybe?
Go on Pet, be a devil and open it, and enjoy every sip!
Definitely - open that bottle of Baileys!!

I still find it hard to look at photos of hubby. Decided to commission something in his memory.
He loved Robins, so have had a pencil drawing of him, from a really happy photo, and asked the artist to place a robin on his shoulder. It's amazing, I love it, and so do my family. He would love it too. A present to myself.
Still have days where I can't believe all that happened and he is no longer here. Not as regularly and still count my blessings
What a lovely idea. My Dad loves robins ( & all garden birds) too.

It will be 14 years this week since my husband died. My sons and I have been tidying the garden, cutting the hedge, having a bonfire, something that we always did as a family together. We all still miss him so much.
I have one photo in my bedroom, which I don't look at very often. It was taken on our last holiday in Australia, he looks so fit and well and happy in the photo, yet nine months later he had died.
I was awake for hours last night. I have Sky Plus in my bedroom, and on nights like this I "watch" programmes that I've seen before in the hope that I get so bored I fall asleep. One episode of Downton Abbey seems especially good. Sometimes I'm asleep within 10 minutes!!!
Having strange dreams again. Hubby is always in the dreams in one way or another. These strange times can't be helping.
My refurbishing plans are on hold for a while, but have my plans.
Sorry the strange dreams are back, Pet. These unusual times can't be helping - too much thinking time and not enough social distraction.

Just lately, I feel more bereaved than at the beginning. Not all of the time, but in waves. Probably lockdown isn't helping, plans on hold. I've read, and heard that the 2nd year of losing a spouse can be more difficult. The reality hits harder. Not wallowing, and know am better off than lots. Roll on better weather, and easing of lockdown, which I feel will take some adjusting to?
171 posts