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End of Dementia journey, start of? - Page 8 - Carers UK Forum

End of Dementia journey, start of?

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
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I hope I haven't come across as whinging and woe is me, because that never was my intention
NEVER. You have been an inspiration and lifeline to many on this forum in sharing your families journey. You continue to be so now.
I just meant that everything is still raw for you and I did not want to cause any further hurt. Typed words can be great at times to give support, but I am also aware of how it can sometimes be interpreted differently to the intention of the poster.

Lets just hug ;) ;)

x x
(((((( HUGS))))
Yes, texting and typing are different to face to face. But thank goodness we have both, rather than feel even more isolated at times!
Your honesty, Pet, and that of all posters here, continues to be a help and an inspiration to me. My beloved husband died 18 months ago and I had been his carer for only a little over 2 years, but I am not coping too well and reading your experiences gives me a better perspective. Thank you.
Well had good and not so good days.
The good, meeting my friend on Sunday, going to the farm shop and having a catch up. Going out with my grandson on Monday, then we went to Sainsburys yesterday afternoon, went back to his for an hour, where the dog was so excited she was slipping and sliding in the kitchen! ( DD 2 hubby and grandsons 2&3 are away for a few days ) so this evening we are going for a carvery. Tomorrow my sister is visiting.
The not so good is coping with things that crop up. Yesterday the drain in the garage was overflowing. Caused by torrential downpours we've had. In my wisdom decided to investigate,, poking and prodding fishing out yukky stuff. Plus a carrier bag!!! Not one of mine, so odd. Afraid I was silently cursing to myself on the lines of being left to sort out ' c*a* all the time etc etc. Logically I know there are plumbers available, if needed. Missed my capable hubby before he became ill, but I know I have to get on with things.
Good and not so good are part of life and I had a feeling sorry for myself blip.
Your social life is better than mine, Pet. Glad you are having some happy times.

Always something to sort out isn't there? I miss my Dad's advice when things go wrong. You are proving very capable at sorting out all these issues as they occur, though, part of the new direction your life has taken.

I don't always feel capable! Feel panicked to start with. Maybe we all do?
Its a good week for socialising, not all weeks are like this. Just as well, the budget would be hit hard lol.
Talking of budget, I have managed to change the tariff on fuel, a much better deal. Locked in but that doesn't worry me.
Pet, I don't like drains either, not good having your arm down one, but the point is you DID IT!
Sometimes it's nicer if you get a hose and poke it down first, then once you start getting the grot out so the U bend isn't totally blocked, it flushes the grot away for you.
Today was the day DD 2 and myself decided on sorting hubby's wardrobe. I made a start before she arrived, had a few tear drops at a couple of jumpers, and said a silent ," this doesn't mean I have stopped loving you". DD arrived, we had a cuppa and chat, then got on with it. Didn't start the remember when he wore this or anything similar. Obviously she was pained, and so was I. We took it to my friend for her collection for the animal sanctuary. They have a shop not too local. People and animals will benefit, and the sanctuary relies on donations. DD took some shirts as she wants to make memory cushions. . Done now, and the wardrobe needs a good clean, but another day for that. Door shut for now, and I feel ...... Don't know?
Well done Pet, those things can never hurt you again. You both deserve a reward.
Much better for them to be going to someone who needs them now.
The way you handled this is brilliant, acknowledging the feelings and emotions but then getting on.
So proud of you.
Am sure you have no idea how much you have grown thorough this journey
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