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Person aproached me about my father's estate. - Carers UK Forum

Person aproached me about my father's estate.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Somebody approached me today claiming I should give my father's estate to charity today and I was not very pleased.
What they claimed was I inherited my in Law's estate and no person should have no more than 1 inheritance.
This is not true as my in law's estate went to my 2 daughters and they will be getting some of my father's estate.
Even though my wife passed away before my in laws they took the view that their estate should go their granddaughter's which was perfectly reasonable in my opinion.
My wife and myself were only children and as a consequence my 2 daughters were their only grandchildren.

Brian, there's a two word answer to the person who said this. The second word is OFF!
I'm with Bowling with my response too!!
Me too. Honestly, it really is none of their business what you inherit and what you do with it.
I can only agree with bowlingbun.
I think the other thing which comes in to this is people tend to think of the house as belonging to my parents as they lived in it for years and I had another house until I was given early retirement.
What they do not think about is:

a) I inherited half of the house from my mother so it was not totally Dad's house.
b) I have spent about £60,000 plus on the house on improvements etc when I have been living in the house.

If I had not been there using my money for the upkeep etc then Dad could have not kept the house up.
On the happy side Dad was able to spend the rest of his days in the house but he did not own it 100% for his later life. I don't think that bothered him.


Words fail me! It`s none of their business.

People who know you know better...........people who don`t know you don`t matter.

If all else fails, remind them that charity begins at home.....your home!xx
Or just tell them to mind their own business.

It is definitely a time that seems to bring out the worst in some people.

Stick to your guns and don't let anyone make you feel defensive. If you know you have acted honorably them that is all that matters.
What did amaze me was the person who wants my father's estate to go to charity is not even a relative.
In respect of my in law's estate two of my wife's relatives were pleased to hear that the estate went to my daughter's rather than me as they were at the point where they were buying their first house.
As soon at the house is in my name I will be giving my daughters some more money which will mainly clear their mortgages.
I will save some money for my granddaughters but I hope my daughters / sons in law will help out in this respect so they will have a good start in life.

I'm with bowlingbun on this. One thing I've learn't this past year is make the decisions that are right for you and yours and to quote my dad sod everyone else