Dougal seems a bit better today.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Dougal has obviously been affected by Dad's death.
He has walked well today, shown interest in all his toys including his ring and rubber bone. He likes his ball the most.
He is wagging his tail a lot more.
It will probably take a long time for Dougal and certainly ourselves to get over Dad's death but I am more confident Dougal will not pine away.
Dad would not want him to be sad.

they do get over it, my dog pined for quite a while after hubs died, not only have they lost a member of their pack but they pick up on your sadness as well
take it a day at a time x
Dougal you have a fabulous name. Hope your tail is wagging a lot more in days to come.
Dougal will also be sensing your sadness Brian.

He will soon be back to his usual self, but don`t be surprised if you see him sitting quietly with a vacant look on his face. He is just remembering old times, and will rally with his tail wagging.xx
Dougal barked this morning. I went to investigate and he wanted to go and water the plants in the garden.
After that he seemed happy and gave me a good welcome.
He came with me to take the old car back to the garage yesterday as the tax ran out at midnight and it would have needed an MOT this morning to be driven on the road. We walked back.
We will soon be walking down to the garage to get the new one. I have fitted his safety strap in it.
I don't know if Dougal remembers this happened the last time we had a new car as he now seems to be a bit excited.
Dougal's day will be a little different as he will get his walks and food at slightly different times but he will be looked after.