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Don't want to stop caring - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Don't want to stop caring

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
So pleased that your husband is home again. Obviously confusion can come hand in hand with COPD due to reduced 02 levels but that seems like stating the obvious as it would be highlighted by his SATS which the ward were undoubtedly monitoring? Mum was confused several times and hospitalised and this was basically when we knew it was time to increase the oxygen etc. the amount of morphine also played its part.

Hope things go well and your husband settles well at home.

Bell x
That's great news, Image
Really pleased for you, it just goes to show what a complicated thing the brain can be, if even consultants can get it so badly wrong, thank goodness for modern technology which can see inside the body.
Delighted for you both.xx
Good to hear it!
Thanks all for your support and advice. It seems my husbands consultant went into hiding. Got to finally have a meeting with the brain specialist. He was a really nice man. Much older than my hubby's consultant and was very informative. My hubby has a some scaring to the frontal lobe but that showed up on the first ct and we were excepting that. He thinks it's probably his copd that was causing the problem. He says his brain is stable at the moment and if he follows the diet and other treatment he's on he hopes it will remain stable. Now to get back on track. Need to get his benefits and my carers allowance back in payment which is gonna take longer to restart than it did for them to stop it.
I really hope you get what you want - putting him is a secure unit may add to his distress, not relieve them.