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"Cope with out mum" thread - technical problem - Page 2 -Carers UK Forum

"Cope with out mum" thread - technical problem

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hi Rosemary

Work was good. I was glad to be back really. At least there are different people there who I can chat and laugh with. Also, sometimes people can offer advice and things. I am off now until after Easter so I think that might be why I am feeling a bit more emotional, especially as the whether isn't so good. When it is sunny it makes us all feel more positive doesn't it?

Anyway, my sister isn't coming to visit over Easter and my other sister is going somewhere so I will probably sort out some of mum's things. Mum's sister is coming to visit the weekend after Easter so that is something to look forward to, especially as she is an ally of mine with regard to everything that is going on!
I hope you enjoy your auntys visit.

I only have one aunty left ( mams sister) and talk to her between 3-6 times a day.Also see her about twice a week.Its good to have someone who shares some of the same memories about my mam.It used to feel sad at 1st but now even when we talk of the rough times when mam was really ill,its more a celebration of mams life if that makes sense.

Hopefully the weather will not be as bad as forecast and you can get out with the dogs.Surprising how getting out and about can pick us up.

Dont forget though that the forum never closes ( sounds like an advert
for a shop Image ).We are here 24/7 and although may be a little quieter over the holiday period, there will always be someone to reply at some point.

Chin up

x x x x



Hi RintyG,

So glad to hear your coping better. Its been just over a year since i lost my husband and at times, the tears still spring to my eyes... but its like Rosemary says, the tears get less and less and you remember more of the happy times.

I watched my wedding video and holiday videos for the first time the other night. First sight of my hubby and the tears sprang to my eyes, but when i saw us laughing and carrying on, the tears soon disappeared.

Take care
You may find that this website will help with your situation at the moment:

http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/special_repo ... /grief.htm

Best wishes, snoopy

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Just take one day at a time Rintyg - you will have days where something will make you cry but eventually those same things will make you smile.

Take care

Paula xx
Hi All

Thanks for all the helpful messages. Sorry I haven't been in touch for while. Things have started to catch up with me a bit over Easter as I have been on my own most of the time. I have started to get a bit upset about things and my sisters have been going on about selling anything of value that mum and dad owned. I know I am just being too sentimental but I think it is because I live with these things every day whereas they are just seeing things in terms of monetary value.

My aunty is coming over at the weekend so at least I will have company for a couple of days. I am back at work tomorrow so I will try and pull myself together. I think I just having a bad patch and I have also had to write a couple of letters to people I couldn't contact before the funeral, explaining that my mum has died, so that is a bit upsetting too.

I will try and be happier next time I post something on here! I suppose it had to catch up with me at some point but it is probably just a blip. I am sure everybody goes through the same highs and lows in these situations. Image / Image
Hi Rintyg, you will get ups and downs, but a little company will help.
It is very hard to see the things you live with, part of your home, being looked at as money, rather than things that are loved.
Regardless of value, I would pick the things I loved best and tell your sisters that those are your share and you want them, not the money.
Take care (((((HUG)))))
Thanks for that Myrtle. I feel better today as I have been to work. I am going to sort through some things and keep a few for myself. Funnily enough, the things that are most sentimental to me don't have much monetary worth - so I will probably be in with a fighting chance of keeping them. My aunty is coming to visit tomorrow so at least I will have somebody to talk things over with!

Thanks for your continued support - I really appreciate it! Image
Nice to see you posting to let us know how you are Rintyg.Hope you enjoy your aunts visit.

x x x

Morning Rintyg,

Just wondering how you are doing??

x x