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Clearing personal possessions - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Clearing personal possessions

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
So true BB.

I recently cleared 40 years' worth of Dad's papers from the attic - but he only lived there 35 years! So, he must have taken them when they moved house. Many were connected with the business he ran, when he was a switched on, active man. It does drive the point home about the vast difference between the way he was then and the person he is now.
Nothing is really straight forward is it!
I now have the COP certificates. Needing to cancel hubby's mobile account. After waiting ages to get through I now have to go to the shop to get it cancelled. £17 a month has been taken out of his bank account as DD and he hasn't used it since January. I couldn't do anything about it before. Oh well. Just me having a grumble. Part of ambiguous bereavement I suppose.
I was recently dusting etc and realised that so many of my treasured 'ornaments' have come to me after clearing Mum's house and previously from clearing my Aunt's house.

I was standing in front of the cabinet saying "the Lladro horses were Mum's, she bought them on that lovely holiday we had in Spain and she bought the man on the penny farthing bike on that holiday in Italy"; I can remember where and when each item was bought and each one brings back lovely memories of the holidays we enjoyed pre dementia :)
Lovely memories do return then by the sound of it Sue. Hope so, mine have faded at the moment. All seems a bit fraught at the moment.
Dusting! I've have a black glass television stand. I do like it but it never seems free from dust no matter what I do.
How's your hand today? Xx
Oh yes, those black glass TV stands are a nightmare to keep dust free! Was very pleased donate that to charity, zero sentimental value there!
I can see me changing it! Even the anti static screen cleaner doesn't seem to work? It's not of any sentimental value to me either.
Yes, get rid of the pesky thing Pet! Also, I think those special cleaners are just a con really.

These days, with so many TVs being more slimline, you often don't need a bulky TV unit to support them. We have ours on a pine TV unit, it still attracts dust but it's much less noticeable so not so irksome.
Will let you know when I do.!! Hubby bought the anti static cleaner at the door. I said that's not like you buying at the door. Looking back, another sign.......