care home witholding property

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I asked the care home to send me dads life story book to use at his funeral. Sent the payment for postage and they had 2 weeks to post it. Got a letter on the day of the funeral saying they wanted £14 for hairdressing. My sister drove there the day after and they said she couldn't have the photos until paid the £14. She left upset and empty handed. My mum rang the Director and he said he was annoyed his bank holiday weekend had been disturbed! Cannot believe their terrible treatment of us. Rang the police but they said it was a civil matter. Going to contact senior NHS about this on Tuesday
I should contact the local paper and get someone savy with facebook to spread a bit of bad publicity.
Tell the Care Quality Commission. This home has absolutely no right to act in that way. It's disgusting. Also complain to your Social Services Department. They need to know what is going on in the home, as they may have a number of clients there who they are paying for.
Dad's social worker is investigating it along with the abuse
That is awful, Marie, and the last thing you need. I would also contact your local branch of Healthwatch. I found their reports on homes to be far clearer than the CQC.