Building Society paid out Dad's money today.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I went in to the Building Society today really with the intention of telling them Dad had died so the account could be stopped.
I had the death certificate and my passport with me and I had Power of Attorney on the account which I knew came to an end on my father's death and I am now an executor.
I was very surprised when the manager offered to pay the balance out against me signing an indemnity.
He did say it would take about 30 minutes for the paperwork to be completed so I took my granddaughters to lunch and returned later, signed the paperwork and took the cheque to the bank.
This is useful as I will not have to withdraw any of my money to pay expenses. The ironic thing is this was the account with the largest balance.

Good news, I'm sure it was a relief for you.
Hi Bowlingbun

Yes this has made things easier and more convenient.
Obviously the other half of the house has got to go in to my name but I can still use it in the meantime.