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Bereavement due to suicide - Carers UK Forum

Bereavement due to suicide

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
I lost my beloved son to suicide last November and I couldn't find any postings in this section that deals with this (if I have missed them, I apologise).
I was his carer for the duration of his illness (about seventeen years), and I am still the carer of his son (my grandson). I have begun to wonder if this is still a 'taboo' subject in the UK as the most supportive websites and forums I have found have been American ones. If anyone else is suffering from this type of loss, the Alliance of Hope is very supportive and can be accessed at: http://forum.forsuicidesurvivors.com/
I also wonder if carers of those who have lost their lives due to mental illness feel stigmatised just as their loved ones maybe did sometimes, yet mental illness is just as debilitating and destructive as any physical disease.
I am so very sorry to hear that you lost your son to suicide.

I just wanted to reply to ask if you had made contact with SOBS (Survivors of Bereavement through Suicide) which is a UK-based organisation. We have a local SOBS group which offers support to anyone bereaved as a result of suicide, so I hope very much that there is a group in your area.

They also have a national helpline which (according to their website) is open every day from 9am - 9pm . The number is 0844 561 6855. The website address is


I believe that you can find out information about support groups on the website.

This is so very recent for you and I really hope you will find support through this organisation.

With my best wishes,
I am sorry for your loss

I think you are right about the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide in the UK. On the widows bloggs/forums where i lurk the people in the USA seem to talk much more openly about it than those here.

Take care
Thanks to both of you for your kind responses. Unfortunately, SOBS doesn't have a group in my area - the nearest one is seventy miles away, and, although they were very helpful when I phoned them, an advisor who phoned me was covering a very large geographical area and barely had time to speak on the phone. Their website is quite good, though.