Bereavement and income support

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hello All. I was a carer for my father who suffered a massive stroke for almost 22 months and I was on carer's allowance and income support as I could not work for looking after him. He has now died. I will inherit but while his assets are frozen and probate has to go through, will I still be able to get income support during the waiting period even though I'll have to cancel carer's allowance ? Many thanks if you could advise me on this.
Sorry for your loss.

Your carers allowance should continue for eight weeks after death, so your income support should too. After this, they will ask you to go on to JSA, as you will be deemed as available to work again. If you are struggling with sleeping and eating, as many of us do after the death of a loved one, you could go to your GP and ask them to sign you off for a couple more weeks, to give you a bit longer to get yourself back on a level playing field. This would extend your income support for the time you are signed off, but they will expect you to get back to looking for work once your doctors certificate has run out.

Hope this helps x
Hi Stephanie, Many thanks for your reply. You've been very helpful as now I know where I stand. Warmest Wishes x