Being a Carer for a second time.

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hi Jane

I can not add much to what DR has said.
Whatever happens do not sign anything or be persuaded to pay.
A woman who was in the same home as my father was only supposed to live for a year when she went in to care.
She went in to care in 2006 and she was certainly alive last month.

Hi Everyone

I am sad to have to tell you my mother in law passed away last night.
It was due to a valve in the heart blocking.
Because of the dementia problems the doctor advised me that it was best not to intervene.
She was very unlikely to survive the operation.
The nurse at the home was surprised. She expected her to live for a few more weeks but as she said anything can happen at her age.

This has got to go to the coroners as she had not been in hospital for 24 hours.
I will be contacting friends and relatives today but there is little I can do until I get the death certificate.

I am obviously upset.

I am also not pleased about the social worker trying to get me to sell our jointly owned property to fund her care when she only lived for a week in care. She got NHS funding after some argument.

I am going to the home this afternoon to clear her room out.

To catch as many of the staff as possible I will have to make a second and possibly a third visit.

(((((((hugs)))))))) jane - Im so sorry for your loss, but please be reassured that you did all you could for her and that she is now at peace.
Hello Jane

Like Crocus I am sorry for your loss.
Unfortunately the same procedure had to be gone through with my father so I suspect it will be Tuesday before you can do anything official.

I can understand your annoyance with being told to sell your house by the Social Worker.
Even if you had been liable for the fees you would have not wanted to sell your house to fund a weeks care.
I went to clear Dad's room the day after he died and made 3 visits to say goodbye to the staff.
Oddly I still meet some of the relatives occasionally and 1 of the staff away from the home,


If you are online soon you may wish to post a message under condolences.

Best wishes

(((Hugs))) Jane.